Pier Solar And The Great Architects

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Your favorite game Pier Solar And The Great Architects which was developed by WaterMelon Co. in the year 2010 is now available online. Click here to play.

Pier Solar And The Great Architects Storylyne

The story of Pier Solar tells about Hoston, a young botanist who is on a quest to save his father from a mysterious illness. He hears of rumours that a cure to his father's disease can probably be found in the nearest forest, and Hoston, disregarding his mother's warnings, sets out to find the cure.

The game is a classical console-RPG with round-based battles, similar to the Phantasy Star series on the same system.

Pier Solar and the Great Architects Characters

  • Hoston is a young botanist, taught by his father. He is a carefree laid-back young man. When his father becomes dangerously ill, Hoston realises that he is the only person who can save him and heads for the forbidden caverns of Reja where he hopes to find the herbs that will save his father's life.
  • Alina was adopted at a young age. She grew up with Hoston and Edessot as her only friends and is desperately trying to get her father to approve of her. Even though she is superficially strong and responsible, she turns out to be lonely at heart, because she feels that Hoston and Edessot are the only people who truly care about her. She is protective of them and in many ways considers them to be her real family, though neither Hoston nor Edessot understand this.
  • Edessot is a mechanics genius and mature beyond his years. He is part of a wealthy and liberally-minded family, and has been free to explore the world to his heart's content. Usually happier alone and tinkering with machines, he still likes spending time with Hoston and Alina, having formed a particularly strong bond with the latter.

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