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A DOS game was developed by ORIGIN Systems, Inc. and then released by ORIGIN Systems, Inc. in 1989, the game was called Space Rogue. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Space Rogue description

Forgotten (although maybe even "forget"?) the game is hard to define the genre, which became a kind of "forerunner" one of the finest game series – great so that it is completely "destroyed" most of the memories, where did she "grow legs".

The plot is quite simple: the distant future, space traders traveling from the ship "the Blue Princess" found abandoned (if abandoned?) team lone abandoned ship. One of the crew members decided to explore. It was the right decision: exactly at the moment when he boarded the flight, the space pirates attacked his ship and destroyed along with all crew members. Possessed by a thirst for revenge, the hero (as you of course already guessed, for him you have to play) understands that the main goal – justice revenge pirates for the deaths of their friends and favorite "Princess" (by, of course, deprive these wretches of life) – can be achieved only after completing an intermediate goal – to survive: after all, he was all alone on a broken ship in the vast expanses of space, the vast and the unknown, dark, cold, hostile, concealing a lot of dangers, but also a lot of possibilities... fortunately, the engines found "wreck" to have succeeded. The adventure begins.

Perhaps it is wrong to say that Space Rogue – a forerunner that is Wing Commander. Yes, it is primarily a space simulator, but still largely and adventure and RPG, and spirit (as well as the actions and even the environment of the game) it is much closer to specific novels from the universe of WC – Privateer.

As already noted, the simulator – based gameplay, the main "game mode." It is divided into two "sub-modes": Cruise Flight, when none of what "physics" is not necessary to think, and you can just quickly fly, and Newtoon Flight, where at least some physics Yes there is, which will have to fly slow and difficult, but it is possible to accurately land where you want, in the same mode and will have to fight. It should be noted such an important thing as the presence in the game FTL. Though the universe is not infinite (this game, of course), but very large, and from one planetary system to another is often not reached in no other way – only through "hyperspace". But there are two points: first, this "jump" is actually not a jump. It is a kind of arcade game, where you have to fly carefully so as not to hit the "border" of the tunnel (corridor [something else – it's hard to understand where we're going]). Second, how accurately would we choose to fly, the armor of our ship (which, if you haven't forgotten, and initially-that's pretty tacky) decays, so will have to watch it, and then the game might end...

You, as we remember, two is to survive and punish the evildoers. For the first we need the money. First, in order to bring their ship, though in a more or less acceptable form, then below it "upgraded". But then we will be able to find the money to other uses... However, they need to start to make money – for this there are different ways to do what we used - trade, you can hunt pirates, but you can most (only if it is necessary to equip your car accordingly) to perform any mission, to the benefit of wanting to give the job – mass... In the game world – a variety of unique planetary systems, each of which can be found something important and interesting. Especially for the implementation of the second (and main) goal is to find a trace of the damned villains. For this we have to drive almost an investigation, speak with many NPCs and even commit a variety of (not always good) actions...

Modes and types of screens to the game is, of course, "global" navigation map, there are space battles with first-person view (dialogues – with the same form), there is a nice third person view from above – for example, when we go to chat and skip the mug or two in some orbital bar (nothing like?), in which, among other things, you can still play and in a series of mini-games...

The graphics in the game is pleasantly surprising – for its time this was a miracle. I was particularly impressed with the mini-games: there the graphics is ahead of time for several years.

The result – a great game, a true classic of several genres, but, alas, almost forgotten, and quite unfairly. Successfully combining the features of at least three different areas of the game, this thing today can bring great pleasure to the true connoisseurs – in any case, in terms of the magnitude of brilliant ideas and its implementation.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Space Rogue online? And the best part, it is for free!


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