Trampoline Terror!

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Action,Strategy/Tactics game released by DreamWorks in the year 1990 by the name Trampoline Terror! is an excellent Top-down perspective game that can be played online by clicking on the link here.

Trampoline Terror! description

The player must put a halt to the aliens who are trying to take over the planet Ahas after kidnapping their queen.

Players must diffuse bombs by walking over their destruction sequences while at the same time avoiding enemies. Trampolines can only be jumped on a few times before breaking, at which point the square they had occupied becomes useless. If the player jumps on this square again, he falls to his death. Powerballs can be picked up in limited numbers in order to defeat the villains that impede the player's path. Each level in the game is a 16x16 grid containing various obstacles, tiles, and strategically placed trampolines with which the character is able to interact.

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As the titular gymnast "Trampoline Terror", it's up to the player to put a halt to the alien menace who has kidnapped the queen of the planet Ahas. To accomplish this task the player must diffuse bombs by walking over self-destruct switches while avoiding getting hit by enemies. The player can jump on tiles and trampolines in order to distance himself from any incoming enemies, although trampolines can only be jumped on a few times before they rip and become a hole that the player can fall down and die in. The player can also pick up a limited number of P-Balls in each stage and use them to eliminate enemies.

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