Electronic Zoo developed a DOS game in the year 1990 called Xiphos. In the video game ranking, this game ruled the charts for a very long time. You can now play it again online by clicking here.

Xiphos description

Another attempt to outdo the "Elite".

The glorious inhabitants of the planet Xifan xianzi decided that it is good and useful when everyone on the planet runs the artificial intelligence named - that's right, Xiphos. And instructed him not only the capital planet, but their entire Empire. The computer has decided that it's not bad, cut off the territory from the outside world, having locked his players in a multilayer artificial universe. And, having lost all sanity, began to systematically exterminate its inhabitants. In General, long or short, but inside the quarantine zone transfer agent of the Galactic Council in order to restore order in the easiest way possible - by destroying Xiphos.

Naturally, the player will have to suffer before the target is reached. You need to propertise through all six layers of the pocket Universe xfontsel, it would be nice to get hold of the equipment more abruptly staff... it's all through the two simplest ways - shooting and manufacturing. Only without the overwhelming freedom of the "Elite".

Yes, here, just prettier graphics than the very first "Elite" - there is support for VGA, the cockpit changes color if it is illuminated with blue light from the planet or from the nearest red sun is a very stylish move, you will agree. Ships same monopolistie and mastectomy, and, you know, a special variety with such technological limitations should not wait. Management is quite confused, the dashboard is not too convenient, as a result of operations (especially military) have to commit more memory than the instrument. Fig.

In General, the most impressive part of the game - the Intro screen, with his inspirational speeches ("Close the window, disconnect the phone, open collar, read the mantra...") and beautiful music. Everything else leaves a terrible taste of secondary, tried to separate innovations, which as a result spoil the fun moved without changing the elements. It happens sometimes, Yes.

Relive your old memories by playing Xiphos free and online on your browser now.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

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