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Windham Classics developed a Platform game in the year 1984 called Below the Root. You can play it online now.

Below the Root description

Legendary in its time, the RPG-adventure based on the fantasy trilogy Silty Keighley Snyder called "Green Sky Trilogy". This book is almost unknown, therefore, to understand the background of the game is very difficult. Managed to understand that in the game world there are two races, Erdling and Kindar, who have long feuded among themselves, but then reconciled, but the relationship between them is still very tense.

One day, the old sorceress heard it is not clear who said strange words about Light and Darkness, sounding like a prophecy, and began to look for a hero who will help her, going on a journey to find their true meaning because only the success of this campaign will determine the future of the world... This character you choose when starting the game from the five available options (heroes of different ages, belong to one or other of the two races, and generally very much differ in their characteristics).

The basis of the game is the NPC dialogue, and the dialogue with one and the same depending on the choice of the hero will give different results; on the other hand, the game will be pure arcade elements when, say, you need somewhere to jump (side view like a platformer). As you progress through the game you can develop a number of skills, which is extremely unusual: telekinesis, telepathy, control of plants, and so on. The violence in this strange world, not welcome by both races, and despite the fact that to kill you can, it can subsequently lead to very bad consequences (for example, you because of low reputation, do not want to say important NPC). It is clear that to "stupid" enemies, this is not true.

Interesting points, actually, very much. For example, the hero to be strong must eat the food would have to produce; it is important to remember that if the hero – Erdling, he doesn't eat meat. In addition, the game has a "forbidden region" (in both Nations: by the way, Erdling'live on the giant trees, and Kindor's on earth), the wandering in which you can grab and put in jail and then have to escape.

The graphics are not too familiar – some may seem quite simple, but such a portrayal makes the picture very original looking. The game itself is also very original and it is strongly recommended to all fans of really rare adventure games but, unfortunately, will have to accept the fact that the chance to understand the background and the "essence" of this wonderful world is very small...

Play your all-time favorite Below the Root free on your browser here.


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