Snoopy: The Cool Computer Game

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5 /5

The Edge developed a Puzzle elements game in the year 1990 called Snoopy: The Cool Computer Game. You can play it online now.

Snoopy: The Cool Computer Game description

Clearly aimed at children arcade game where you play as a curious dog Snoopy (Snoopy), hero of the eponymous comics and animated series. A clear storyline in the game, the main game play – taking the items and lowering them in certain places that will help in advancing further in the house, which is an action game, and then in the city. A list of available actions is quite small: you can walk right and left [game – side view, of course], to jump, to take/omit items and to read the information on each of them, and only. At a certain point of time, you can carry and use only the specific subject.

The graphics are very nice and decorated in the style of the original comics (maybe not everyone will like, but fans will be very happy), but appreciation for the game bothers to put a number of circumstances. First, the game has almost no dialogue and phrases (most NPCs generally silent) – but, as you know, it is soft and good humor made the dog Snoopy popular hero; second, despite the apparent focus on children's audience, the interface here is not an easy; thirdly, the game is, as mentioned, has no clear plot, and therefore be interested in particularly unlikely.

Verdict – good but could be much better. Perhaps it would be best to recommend her diligent and "corrosive" children that will not stop difficult to manage and the actual senselessness of what is happening on the screen.

Enjoy playing Snoopy: The Cool Computer Game online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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