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With many different features and various levels, Bomberman II released in 1992 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Action game and online now.

Bomberman II storyline

A Bomberman named White Bomberman is framed for terrible crimes by Black Bomberman. After being accused of robbing a bank, White Bomberman is thrown in jail. Bomberman's mission is to escape his prison cell and bring Black Bomberman to justice.

Bomberman II gameplay

The game follows the classic Bomberman formula: you are in a room full of blocks and enemies and Bomberman must plant bombs to destroy the blocks and enemies. Several blocks contain power-ups (such as blast radius increasers or fuse shorteners), and one in each level contains a door, which takes Bomberman to the next level.

Our hero the white Bomberman (Bomberman Shiro) was walking down the street one day when he witnessed a robbery. It was black Bomberman (Bomberman Kuro) who was the robber. But Black Bomberman knocked White Bomberman to the ground, and than left the money so that he would be framed. Now Bomberman has been taken to jail and must fight his way out of this place using the only method he knows: explosive bombs.

Play Bomberman II online

Bomberman is the second Bomberman game in the series and plays similar to the first, only all gameplay has been reduced to a single screen. Your goal however remains the same on a smaller playing area. You are to destroy all enemies on a level and then find the exit to the next one. Bombing the exit is always a bad idea. The occasional power-up will increase your bomb blast, number of bombs on the screen at one time, player speed or give you the ability to walk through walls.

You can play Bomberman II (NES) online here.

Play your all-time favorite Bomberman II free on your browser here.

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