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A DOS game was developed by Dinamic Software and then released by Dinamic Software in 1989, the game was called Cosmic Sheriff. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Cosmic Sheriff description

Very old, obscure and awkward space arcade game with a plot (!).

In the year 2033 people have long mastered the cosmos, obsessed with the extraction of cobalt. On one of Jupiter's moons discovered large Deposit, and has built a factory, but he was suddenly seized and mined something wanting the rebels. Then from the Ground in the troubled sector send the best shooter of the Galaxy, Sheriff Peter Jones, whose task is to destroy the rebels and not to allow to happen explosion.

The game involves three locations (the warehouse control center, the surface of the satellite), each with several levels. And everywhere there are ready to explode a bomb that is already ticking, so the game time much (very much) limited. Some doors on the levels locked: to open them, they need to shoot (when we begin to shoot, the door appears a placard with the numbers signifying the number of remaining before opening the door shots).

What most pleases in this game – so it's (oddly enough) a variety of enemies: there are rebels themselves, they hired aliens from the planet Lagartrones Zorek (unusual!), the robots, built by the rebels (Teeas), just some wayward aliens here Maiketrons, turrets on the walls and a lot of people still, and the enemies are really different in appearance, they used weapons and behavior. Still there are power-UPS (where the same without them), collecting some of them require these bonuses to fire (e.g. in stars).

Verdict – bad. Why – because in this game with first-person almost completely lacking graphics (but in those days it was possible to make at least a semblance of it). What exactly is the image that is, I will not tell – if they are interested, they will be able to see. Maybe someone will like it (because its hard to play, some pleasure still get), but if you are an avid collector of curiosities and "Zabiela", and just want to play arcade shooter, it is better to pay attention to the hundreds of other games much better than this.

Play your all-time favorite Cosmic Sheriff free on your browser here.


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