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Released in 1994 by American Laser Games, Inc., Crime Patrol has an excellent Arcade experience. You can play in online now.

Crime Patrol description

One of the virtual FMV-galleries category which was developed by American Laser Games after the huge success of Mad Dog McCree; like her other creations, originally released on the slot machines, and was subsequently ported to several home platforms, including the IBM PC. The player will be in the role of rookie COP, and successfully completing a number of missions and proving their mettle, to earn first place in the famous American police S. W. A. T., and then in more prestigious army Delta force.

Prospect review - in the first person; all the controls are done using the cursor in the shape of a hand with gun: as soon as the screen appeared the enemy quickly direct the pointer to aim and shoot by clicking the left mouse button. Ammo is formally infinite, but requires regular recharge carried out by the right button of the manipulator when approaching the pointer to the bottom right corner of the screen, which shows the current number of rounds. A little higher, as if outside the "frame", displays the quantity available to us at the moment "lives" (default three of them), visualized in the form of police badges. To lose one of them able to lead any error - that is, not only getting a bullet from a bandit, but a random hit in civilians or his teammates (koi are present on each job).

The main advantage of Crime Patrol is it a wonderful entourage of police foreign militants 80-ies and early 90-ies of XX century. The passage is divided into four stages. First, "Rookie Cop", enables the safe training in the dash, and then the execution of three relatively simple missions (here and in subsequent episodes, the order of these "stages" can be chosen independently), dedicated to the neutralization of a small-town youth gangs robbers: the effect of these operations will unfold in the electronics store in the Parking lot and in the warehouse. The second stage - "Undercover Cop" is a more serious test, formally meaning "undercover". Here your opponents are real "leaders" of organized crime that is able to handle a gun. In the first mission you'll need to disrupt at the private airfield the sale of party drugs, and then by car to catch trying to escape the villains. The second will have to save his hapless counterpart embedded in a syndicate of stolen machines and exposed them, of course, simultaneously killing all these criminals. Third mission dedicated to overclocking seedy brothel in a night club (alas, with strippers, but in General, all the bounds of decency), which gathered all kinds of thugs in large numbers.

After successful completion of the above operation, the player character is taken in S. W. A. T., which will again participate in three operations. The first is devoted to the elimination of the gang that owns the warehouse of explosives, the second is the release of the hostages in the Bank, seized by robbers, the third - the destruction of clandestine laboratories manufacturing synthetic drugs. If you can cope with these tasks, you will get the right to go in Delta force, soldiers who are busy providing "national security." Mission dedicated to the liberation of the occupied Arab terrorists of the plane, rescuing captured some of the other fighters at the airport family an African Prince and to prevent the theft of weapons-grade plutonium from the nuclear power plant by some very sophisticated criminals international scale.

The duration of the entire game, like other titles from this company, very small: if you adapt, even with watching all the story scenes and reading the title it will be approximately twenty minutes. Meanwhile, the level of difficulty, starting with the second stage is rather high: success at certain periods is primarily "trial and error". The quality of the "graphics" (actually video), unfortunately not at the highest level (which is typical for the entire line of first editions from the developer): sometimes the image is badly blurred, although to notice suddenly appearing enemies always possible without any problems.

As with all other games from American Laser Games, deliberately "sloppy" and sometimes, on the contrary, too pompous acting and the actual absence of blood in the shot creates a fun atmosphere and do not allow to perceive what is happening in any real way. In the game, despite the date of its release, there is the notorious "political correctness": for example, among the soldiers of S. W. A. T. is a woman, and the "Delta" and all the black leads (by the way, well coping with his essentially comic role). The verdict is hardly required: in front of us an absolute classic of the subgenre.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Crime Patrol online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.


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