Jetsons: The Computer Game

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5.0 /5

With many different features and various levels, Jetsons: The Computer Game released in 1992 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Action game and online now.

Jetsons: The Computer Game description

Rare platformer based on the animated series the Jetsons, about a family living in the not too distant future – second half of the century.

As you know, the Jetsons family consists of four people, and this game will allow to play for all the family – adventure each of them devoted to a single level; all are limited in time, keep that in mind.

At the first level, we play for the head of the family, George Jetson, a laborer at the plant for the production of robots. His task – to take time off from work in all possible ways, to run to the shops of the plant and collect bonuses in the form of dollars (out of necessity, and bonuses to restore health), while trying to avoid chasing him boss, Mr. Spacely, and all kinds of mechanisms and robots. Will also have to solve some riddles and puzzles are often simple, kind of "turn lever", but sometimes you have to think a little: for example, some items can be moved to hide behind some buttons to activate the elevators (the elevators on this level play a big role) masked.

At the following levels main characters are Jane, the mother of the family, and children Judy and Elroy, each of which is also its goal (for example, Elroy needed to get out of the school building, where he's locked up, Jane and Judy also run among some of the traps). The game also has a racing mini-levels where you have to control the flying car of Jetsons in space: need with limited time to overcome the track, trying not to fall into black holes.

Graphically, the game looks quite decent and definitely prettier than the other games about the Jetsons for DOS. Backgrounds are somewhat monotonous, but it's normal site of action (hardly a factory or a school of the future should be teeming with some miracles), but the characters are drawn quite clearly. The verdict, in principle, nothing special, but fans of platformers will enjoy. The main value of games in our time – that until very recently it was considered (the DOS version) hopelessly lost, but now again returned to the people.

Enjoy playing Jetsons: The Computer Game online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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