La Historia Inolvidable

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Your favorite game La Historia Inolvidable which was developed by Merit Studios, Inc. in the year 1991 is now available online. Click here to play.

La Historia Inolvidable description

Probably many readers will well remember from my childhood a wonderful movie "the neverending story", directed by Wolfgang Peterson (still not hitting the image on the screen all sorts of horrors and disasters) at the first part of the same and even more wonderful books by the German writer Michael ende, written in the genre of "children's fantasy". This movie made a video game, not released, however, on the PC, in the form of a text quest with graphics. Six years later came another, this time a platformer has already been released including Dell computers, but based more on the events of the second, less successful film. But the world of the film adaptation of "the neverending story" - probably the first - there was another game. Of course, without the slightest sign of "license". Originally from Sunny Spain. Which, like most of the things created by Ediciones Manali, until mid-2010-x years, virtually no one knew.

The action focuses on the flight of Bastian on the FAL'kor. Yes, you read that right - we arcade simulator dragon rider, and it is absolutely incredible (for oldhamers eyes, of course) performed graphically! It would seem, was an old dream come true? Alas - not a fact. After starting the game on the left side of the screen we see the dragon (in side view), which can be controlled (in particular, to raise, lower, reverse or order to fly forward), the right side, almost not visible to the eye, are born monsters of two types: winged dragons, the likes of the Diplodocus and bipedal leaping lizards, somewhat resembling the iguanodonts, after birth followed straight to you and is destroyed with one or two "shots" of the dragon flame (however you need to get exactly on them - and at least in the case of cruise this is not always so easy); but in the Central part of the screen is a giant... hand. One of them is growing directly from the ground, the other seemed to be descends from heaven; when closed the fingers one on the other on the contrary, they are open. Between the hands there is only a narrow strip of space, across which a dragon is impossible; the upper hand, apparently, does immune to gunfire, but the lower you can make almost completely down into the earth, but because of too fast respawn of monsters is of little use, since the slightest contact with them, and with hands means instant death for the dragon and its rider. The author of the description does not consider himself very very weak player, but to pass the first screen it has not yet happened.

Graphically, as mentioned above, the game - let and made, like all of creation EM, CGA-palette - looks amazing, delighting the eye rendering quality as the backgrounds and dragons. However, the highest difficulty level makes this thing even though the possibility to change the menu control with "Spanish" on the usual gift is that some of the gods of the arcade genre. It may well be that we are seeing now is the birth of new stars that can outshine the glory of ancient Mythos and not-so-old glory Milva Spanish as the most difficult games of all time...

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