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In 1982, a DOS game was released by Stern Electronics, Inc.. The game was called Lost Tomb and belongs to Action genre. Play it online by clicking here.

Lost Tomb description

What is the Lost Tomb? The once it started working with experience, recognizing not only the PC, probably immediately recall the now almost forgotten but in the early years are quite popular exclusive for the platform Commodore 64, which tells about a brave Explorer searching for treasures in the labyrinths of the Egyptian pyramids. But he is mistaken, twice. Lost Tomb was released on the PC – even if it became known not so long ago. And "the labyrinth of the pyramid" is only the first level of the game. True, and it will be able to master not everyone.

Lost Tomb is almost the dream of true hardcore. By controlling the little man in a strange future review (a cross between a side-view, isometric and top), we have a study full of dangers of the pyramid, which begins indeed with a maze where you have to collect gold and destroy the wall for success. In the maze crawling with giant spiders and let them move governed by a strictly predetermined path, and they are not inclined to chase the hero, but contact with them is deadly.

And there are plenty of traps, most of which are occurring in different places level lightning, instantly incinerating the protagonist... And when you finally overcome the first level and will be on the street (!), then, most likely you can expect instant death from attacks air enemies (whom exactly – you'll see). And the number of "lives" in the game is limited, and they are given not to the level, and the entire game... It's complicated. It's just wildly difficult. But this is a game of THOSE times. In crystalline form.

Graphics Lost Tomb – chic. "Blur" and "the fineness of the image" level of 1984, delivered the eyes of the lover of antiquity an incredible pleasure, and the "habituation effect", when the graphics process just don't notice it for a few seconds after the start. This is a real classic, the tragic absurdity has not received the deserved status of twenty-seven years ago, but is able to get it now. The word only for those who are willing to fight with newfound artifact from the past.

Enjoy playing Lost Tomb online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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