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Megatron VGA from 1993 is a 1st-person perspective game released by Stanley Design Team. If you want to play this game, click here.

Megatron VGA description

Combat mechs "Megatron" – an elite squad, the brave commander who you are. Such a high honor imposes on you certain obligations, and therefore on your shoulders the responsibility to log on to your fur in a dark and uncomfortable maze and apply your extensive experience and skills to hunt down and destroy lurking enemy. In this mission you have no teammates, the command puts in front of you no other task, and the path of retreat is closed. Alive from the maze will be only one – and not the fact that it will be you...

Yes, that is the story of Megatron – as an experienced commander, you decide to chase a lone enemy to eliminate it, or with honor die in the battle itself. Not a lot, Yes the game is not about that. More importantly, here we allow you to pilot one of the two most recognizable mechs BattleTech universe – the fearsome legendary Vulture or Mad Cat – and carry out deadly duel against the computer or other players, unless, of course, you will be able to connect to each other via a modem. The whole action takes place in a randomly generated maze of tiny narrow walls and low ceilings barely squeeze one. Some differences in the characteristics of the Vulture and Mad Cat was observed, so here the difference is only the appearance that puts players in equal conditions. To track down and fight in real time, you no turn-based battles and expectations of another move. Perhaps it looks a bit strange, given that the movement of the game is discrete, and the rate depends only on the frequency of keystrokes, but the system works.

Due to the fact that the bottles do not differ from each other in the parameters, simple clash head-on usually leads to nothing victory in this case will depend on random factors. To obtain the real military advantages will have to resort to tricks to try to approach the enemy from behind to inflict the most damage; to hide behind walls in between shots; finally, to operate with energy reserves, directing them in the shields, the weapons, and thereby to fight in optimal conditions. This is largely a duel of nerves and patience, which explains why Megatron is recommended to play with a live opponent and not a computer.

The search for the enemy in the maze is not less important stage, than the fight itself, and the player is provided with a powerful radar that shows a strange fur in a fairly large radius. The disadvantage of radar is that when activated the enemy can not find, but the enemy will find you. So using passive sensors remains the main option.

It is not necessary to wait for this game plausible simulation steel colossus mechs are here more for shock value than for reasons of design. No, Megatron gives the players something else – that unforgettable feeling that appears after a long hunt and methodical stalking of the enemy, rendering all sorts of moves and betting on the unexpected. Who will be in the battle of predator and who the victim is entirely dependent on preparation and your own skill. And if you are not afraid to take a risk, the door of the labyrinth is always open for new fighters.

Play your favorite childhood game Megatron VGA online in your browser for free here.


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