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Mr. Blobby was launched by Millennium Interactive Ltd. in the year 1994 which was loved by all old and young. It’s an interesting DOS game and can be played online by clicking here.

Mr. Blobby description

A rare arcade game which is almost unknown in our series, and in one place called "the adaption for PC game Super Trolls II for NES" (like it or not, I cannot judge). Some of the plot here could not be found: from the fairy world was stolen all the color, and now he should return. The protagonist of the game – Mr. Blobby, a tall and powerful humanoid pink-yellow creature with a round ugly head, reminiscent of a bubble; however, it also seems you are not on the bubble, not the Western "gingerbread men".

The gameplay is at first glance almost identical to many many other platformers: you must fight the bad guys, collect the bonuses, jump, climb ladders and avoid traps in the form of clusters of spikes. But, of course, the main part is that the background level as the passage changes color – all grey, but after the passage of the hero by anything this anything painted. A little later you notice the presence at the level of the kind of rectangles – locations bounded by lines. If you walk along all these lines – the whole rectangular area will become colored. And when those will become a rectangular region at this level – you can move on to the next, and it is the "coloring" of this world and is the sole purpose of the hero.

By the way, the game involved and the family members of Mr. Blobby, his wife and a small child, and at certain points in time (most often when the current character on the road happened some problems: for example, it get stuck somewhere) you can choose who you want to play (including in the beginning of the game, in the house of a family of Blobby). Each of them has three lives and the game will be played only when each of the characters are "used up". Its characteristics are the characters from each other do not differ, but the easiest way to play, surprisingly, for a Baby – he is the most nimble and fast, therefore it is easier just to run away from strong enemies.

Bonuses in the game are mainly different types of food; to raise, simply to pass. Formally, they serve for a set of points, however some species (e.g., cream cake) can be used as a weapon against enemies. "Real" weapons, by the way, here too, and it's pretty varied and not completely familiar: water gun, fan, bombs...

Graphically the game looks above average, the backgrounds are colorful and well drawn, there are even some special effects; the levels of only sixty, their size is just huge, and though you can not call them particularly varied, but all the same each other they are not identical, but often there are even very interesting, almost surreal place. But the enemies, unfortunately, the same can not say: the majority of enemies in this game exactly the same look and fight exactly the same, too, and this is very very frustrating, but then some variety is here.

Verdict – the game is primarily a collector's value as really rare, because, unfortunately, nothing special in it. But there is nothing wrong – it's just the most that neither is an average platformer with not the usual hero, it is suitable for evening entertainment.

Tired of your same old routine, want to add some entertainment and fun element in hour life? Play one of the best videogame Mr. Blobby online now and change your boring oold routine for good.


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