Psychic War: Cosmic Soldier

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5 /5

Play Psychic War: Cosmic Soldier online now. This game was released by Kogado Software Products in 1989 and has fantastic Action RPG gameplay.

Psychic War: Cosmic Soldier description

About Psychic War, usually written as one of the first adequate J-style RPG on the PC. Unfortunately, it is difficult to judge the market role-playing games released before I was born, but one thing I can say for sure - the marked style is the place to be. All the characters seemed to come to our screens with frames of some anime, and the animation of the fighting is performed in a traditional genre style.

Anyway, at PW, like any decent RPG, the story. In this case, he was told three screens and took each of them about 4 rows (20 characters) - amazingly informative, isn't it?

3656 year, held under the banner of war Alliance (Alliance) with the evil Empire Quil (Quila). We (in the company of girls-Android Kayla (Kayla)) manned warship Century Parody, made the jump from star sector KGD system Quila. The ship docked with the trade station Samar, where we have to come into play. The finishing touch becomes the phrase "Here begins the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy"...

In fact, begins the claustrophobic bustle of the monotonous corridors, executed in the most appropriate, in my opinion, scheme. If this station is really someone live, I do not envy them... Especially after the arrival of the Hero.

The battles take place in a rather amusing manner when meeting with the enemy fighting occurs between the beam (probably psychic energy), which moves bundles of energy. Whose mind is stronger, and wins. By the way, the intelligence and willpower of our protagonist is directly dependent on the degree of impaction gap. By pressing escape'and out of combat opens a menu of available actions: ask Kyle, choose ESP-force and view the inventory. At the beginning of the game the Hero is absolutely nothing to chat with Android, it does not possess any equipment, but he knows several of the psi-forces. Apparently, in the future, the Hero will join the allies, which clearly suggests the power of mind shift into another body, to choose from a list which so far has only called us the Central character.

Anyway, the game promises to be interesting and somewhat original, but I was not able to wait for the moment of enlightenment - eyes are tired of the mess of colors on the screen too fast. Finally, we note quite pleasant and not annoying hearing the music accompanying the accession, and the whole gameplay. Possible if not for the rejection of my vision of this game, I liked it, but... anyway, try it - maybe you'll get lucky and the game will appear to you in all its splendor?

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