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Play online, the famous River Raid, a Action game, published by Activision, Inc. in the year 1982.

River Raid description

The plane flies forward. The plane shoots. The plane running out of fuel. We are watching all this from above. This is called River Raid. At these words, representatives of the older generation of players are friendly requested not to read what is written below, and to spend time on something more useful – the passage for the umpteenth time this game, for example. For the rest...

River Raid is one of those games that needs no introduction, laudatory odes, and other things. This is not just some kind of "gold", "diamond" or some other classic, it is something more, something that comes to mind, among others, the greatest masterpieces when we utter the very phrase "computer game". River Raid was released on almost all gaming platforms of its time.

The essence of the game in enough detail (surprisingly) described in the first paragraph. A little more specific. We manage aircraft flying over the river (sometimes two rivers, the lake – water, one word). His task is to bomb the bridges over water that are important for the enemies. What kind of enemies – what's the difference? Perhaps somewhere it is written, but I personally like a question never asked. Why? It's just not necessary.

The bridges are protected by a large number of water and air enemies, which include airships, planes, helicopters, ships and other. They shoot at us, we shoot at them and try to destroy it. The plane's limited fuel supply, if it will end – it will be bad. So you need to refuel at special stations, when we will meet. The quantity of ammunition is infinite (and if you want to destroy the same fuel station – please). If you encounter an enemy flying object or something, the plane always explodes (but the game will not end because we have "life").

More at all desire have nothing to say, and it is something good. Description seem boring to you, without the "highlights"? If so, look at the year of release of this game. Now that we have little patience for hundreds of thousands of options with dozens of "interesting innovations" which still no one will never surpass the original. And in 1984 a game was, if not an innovation, then certainly at least a "trendsetter". And that's her role in history: to be the absolute standard in their "niche", those with which are compared all other similar games.

The graphics are, in my opinion, simply charming. She's kind of arbitrary, but any improvement to it (and such attempts were to ground) any once it started working will probably be perceived as a terrible desecration of the Shrine. Yes, the prospect of a overview (top view, remember) is not the most convenient, it is sometimes very difficult to understand you above or below the enemy helicopter, but all these arguments – with the "height" (in quotes!) today, and in those years, like no one even thought of.

Total no no – he's here need nothing more than the plot. River Raid is impossible to describe, it can only be understood, to feel all the depth of "natural charm" of this ancient game. The answer to the question, what did she put ten points, is given, but such a question, if any, after five minutes of the game needs to evaporate in the air itself.

Now, play River Raid online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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