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Solo Flight description

The only likely simulator dedicated to activities of the postal aviation. No battles will have no peaceful civilian work for the good of the people waiting from someone letters, parcels and packages... the Game is made in retro style and with a little fun element, so the plane we will have a small and red.

However, the game itself is very serious – this is a real simulator, the development of which involved himself, Sid Meier. Before you start you need to decide exactly how much fuel you approximately expect to spend (it's in the game is not infinitely) and how much cargo will be able to take on Board. Carrying capacity of the aircraft is also limited, plus the heavier the weight, the more fuel it will consume in flight, but the more cargo you deliver to the destination, the bigger the final score mission points. Please note that different cargoes in one mission you will need to take to different airports, and it is important not to confuse where you need to deliver a particular parcel.

Another important detail are the various weather conditions and time of day – flights can be day and night, in mild and even very high clouds (in the latter case, the aircraft will have to equip with special devices). A good service the player can do forget now VOR's – azimuthal omnidirectional beacons, which are abundant in the game, and without their card play really impossible (DME – distance measuring Omni-directional beacons – will be too). A successful landing will require ILS – courses-glide system. Finally, the game has a training mode which is strongly recommended not to ignore, for without this play, too, is unlikely.

The graphics of the game to some may seem outdated, but a CGA-palette year of release seemed, if not a miracle, it definitely is very very beautiful. The game is third person, while the instrument panel is at the bottom of the screen; fine (albeit in four colors, but it's so cute!) drawn as an aircraft and devices to small landscape elements (e.g., runways). In short, this is a really great game, forgotten classics most interesting subject, but to play it can only very passionate about old games, people who are not too lazy to study a huge manual.

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