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A DOS game was developed by ARC and then released by Frames in 1989, the game was called Star Breaker. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Star Breaker description

Seemingly lost and found again, completely forgotten by the horizontal futuristic letalka with a side view. The most interesting thing in this game, aside from its rarity, as odd as it sounds, the plot, even though it is quite standard for such games.

Action Star Breaker is in a fairly distant future – 3189 year, when humanity, United in a long time the Galactic Federation have begun active exploration of deep Space. The main goal of space missions was the search and colonization of uninhabited planets rich in all kinds of minerals and ores of precious metals, for the extraction of which of these planets was based a small mining settlement, and this game is just about one of these – the New Chicago, a peaceful life has been disrupted by a group of bandits farmers (!) called ramponi, who occupied the colony, and in the mines brought a certain giant space clam...

In short, certain people in the Federation who have lost due to seizure of the territory of their profits, very interested in the fact that the colony was cleared of bandits, therefore, ready to pay generously whoever this purification will produce. Your character in the game – a kind of super-mercenary, flying on a space fighter SS "Star Breaker" (which gave the name of the game), which, of course, are not averse to earn extra money...

Is it possible to talk about the game or something? It is possible, but unlikely a lot. As has been said, it is, in fact, the most common computer game in which we need to, driving a boat to shoot other boats and collecting power-UPS and armor for your boat. One of the interesting features can be noted the presence of radar, as well as what action will occur above the planet's surface (including on the background of the starry sky but not in space), and in the mines.

The graphics in the game are pretty good – especially pleased with the clarity of drawing and the design of enemy ships as well as the remarkable backgrounds of some levels, especially the red rocks of a distant planet. Some "highlights" that would distinguish Star Breaker from other similar scroller's, in the game, but it is still wonderful. Plus don't forget that this is by far one of the rarest DOS games.

Play your all-time favorite Star Breaker free on your browser here.


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