Yogi Bear’s Math Adventures

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With many different features and various levels, Yogi Bear's Math Adventures released in 1990 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Educational game and online now.

Yogi Bear’s Math Adventures description

The second and last of the children's educational games about Yogi Bear, which was published on IBM PC – at this time, even DOS-exclusive, but not much more interesting than "Yogi Bear visits the National Parks" (and in addition much less rare, because the free access at the moment, there is only limited and unregistered Shareware version).

As you might guess, "Yogi Bear's Math Adventures" is devoted to mathematics; no story or background is not: it is only said that the events unfolding in a remote corner Jellystone Park. Yogi runs left and right on the background of the house with a garden and mountain landscape – and throws stones at one of three located in the upper part of the screen answer the question posed. Despite the support adapters EGA, VGA, here the schedule is extremely difficult to call quality and nice; music is missing, but some sound effects are available – including even the voice playback of the name of the game in the Intro. In the settings main menu you can select the desired level (i.e. school class, ranging from first – the easiest – to sixth), install the exhaust on the decision time (the timer default is 30 seconds), and change the location of the conditions puzzles – horizontal (on the toolbar at the top) or vertical (respectively, right). Registered users (of course, if in nature there were generous individuals who donated to the developers that they requested $ 15) could choose here the type of transaction, which is dedicated to the questions – while the free version is limited to only one such addition.

In the main game window at the top left displays the count of the dialed us points, and on the right the current level of difficulty: tasks for the first class are of the form, say, "0+0" or "4+2", while the sixth-graders already operate by adding three-digit numbers. The countdown is in the lower corner of the right pane (stylized tree trunk) and the bottom center displayed also a measure of our remaining lives, the initial number of which is equal to five. Actually, the gameplay is to move Yoga in the screen by pressing the arrows "right" and "left", press the enter key to stop (for both of the previous steps lead to the movement of the bears to the edge of the screen, which makes the choice of the "Central" of the three options is much more difficult than the other two), and the space bar to "fire" a rock in one of the top numbers. In case of error or to set aside the decision of the seconds we lose one of your lives, and Ranger Smith, with some reproach tells us the correct answer. This process continues to infinity – that is, until the last of the bear: after the exhaustion of five chance of a miss can be worthy of entering on Board of honour (and using the same hypothetical full game – and even print out a personalized "certificate" with documentary evidence of their class and score).

In the end, to recommend "Yogi Bear's Math Adventures" except that the schoolchildren who are fond of cartoons about a Bear of Yoga and who wish to exercise in mathematics – unless, of course, among our users can be the owners of such a rare combination of qualities.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Yogi Bear’s Math Adventures online? And the best part, it is for free!


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