With many different features and various levels, 2400 A.D. released in 1988 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Role-Playing (RPG) game and online now.

2400 A.D. description

The game is set in 2400 BC (as you can tell from the title) in the city of euphonious name of metropolis, built over 100 years ago by settlers from Earth on a distant planet XK-120 (or a New Athens, as it was called by the colonists). Since its inception, the metropolis flourished under the guidance of a friendly alien race called tsargami. It seemed that prosperity would never end, but friendship between humans and aliens will last forever.

Suddenly, in a 2291 year tsargi recalled its Ambassador from metropolis at the same time attacking the outer planets. After an unsuccessful attempt to hold a summit with the aim of resolving the conflict of the Interstellar Alliance declared war on the Empire of Tzolov, and soon the New Athens fell under the endless attacks of the troops of aliens. The metropolis was transferred to the military situation, and soon tsargi continued its expansion against humanity, leaving the New Athens under the supervision of the powerful teams of robotic police.

By all the laws of genre in the nooks and crannies of the metropolis immediately formed an underground movement, designed to deal with mechanical forces, and thus free the planet from the yoke of the hated aliens. The members of the movement managed to achieve some success in creating an information network and logistics system, but soon most of the rebels were arrested. Those who escaped arrests, was forced to "lay low" due to the dramatically increased pressure from the police. However, before you hibernate, the movement managed to make two decisive steps, will give mankind the opportunity to once again breathe freely: to dig a tunnel leading into the government complex of tzolov, and to find a man sufficiently educated and bold in order to use this tunnel and disable the police. Besides access to the government center aliens would be a great help in the military conflict unfolding in the Universe.

From this moment the further development of events falls entirely on Your shoulders. You play the role of a computer technician arrived on the planet in the composition of the next batch of labour recruited by tsargami on occupied planets. Your advantage is the absence of police records in the personal file that allows You to move freely around the city, collecting valuable information and items necessary for successful completion of the mission. You need to find a way to break into the government complex tzolov get to the main control panel and end iron the order established by tsargami. The fate of the New Athens and the whole of humanity is now in Your hands.

Relive your old memories by playing 2400 A.D. free and online on your browser now.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

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