Released in 1989 by New Deal Productions, Fire! has an excellent Arcade experience. You can play in online now.

Fire! description

And again before us not just an amazing and miraculously found (and I have to say, fixed for a normal startup!) rarity and the game on the DOS version which is basically impossible to find any information anywhere. However, the game is.

Fire! represents, in General, quite ordinary helicopter letalka with a side view and horizontal scrolling of the screen. The General sense of the game extremely intelligently, clearly and succinctly fit into the word that gave her a name: we mostly have it continuously shoot at anything that moves here.

Moving here a variety of enemy military equipment, including other helicopters, planes, tanks and so on. The game consists of five levels of missions, which are practically not connected in any story and are the echo (but no more) of the various military operations of the late 80s-90s years: for example, we have to deal with drug traffickers in Colombia to rescue the hostages in Beirut and so on. However, in some missions, sometimes there are peaceful and "objects" (like the Bedouin on camels (!)), and now to destroy them in any case is not necessary.

Of course, the gameplay is simplified to the limit – after all, this is not a simulator. The only realistic moment of extremity the fuel in our helicopters to make up for which you want to collect special bonuses; other bonuses is designed to Supplement the armor of the helicopter and its ammunition (but only for better weapons than the base, which is always with us).

From the point of view of graphics the game looks for its time, well: there is a "parallax scrolling", as the backgrounds and enemy vehicle drawn amazingly clear and bright, very nicely executed effects of fire and explosions.

Verdict – this game is very difficult to find any "flavor", which would distinguish it from other similar (unless you consider that it really is a phenomenal rarity), however, this circumstance in any case does not make it bad, even quite the contrary. And if you just need to remember about this very obscurity and inaccessibility until recently – then it is safe to say that this seemed lost rarity will definitely find way to the hearts of lovers of classic old music.

Enjoy playing Fire! online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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