Play Antix online now. This game was released by Дмитрий Павловский in 1985 and has fantastic Arcade gameplay.

Antix description

This game was created by Russian computer programmer Dmitry Pavlovsky, first for the Soviet computer Elektronika 60 and then ported to MS-DOS. It is easy to guess from the name that Antix (Antixonix) is related to the famous Xonix.

In contrast to the classical kanekapolei games where we filled the color of the playing field, here it is already painted, and our goal, on the contrary, make the screen clean. At the beginning of Antix we are asked to enter a name, then put in the records table (if you manage to score a lot of points). Then choose a speed from 1 to 9 even on the first play very difficult. We manage a kind of box around the field chaotically moving balls. If they are faced with a line that we carry, we lose life. For a filled surface move and try to prevent and even diamonds - and we can't see them, thus the game process even more complicated. As in any such game, we have to collect a certain percentage of liberated area to go to the next level. In the first stage there are two balls and one diamond, after a while appears another, so you should not delay the passage. At the next levels the number of enemies increases. At the bottom of the screen displays the game statistics: points and percentages, our lives (initially given only three) and the number present on the field of enemies.

In terms of graphics (which in these games is not important; she - CGA) it is worth noting just what typically the levels change color. Soundtrack stand out the loss of life, the successful completion of the stage or the emergence of a new diamond.

As already noted, we have before us a very difficult game, and to go beyond the first level is very problematic, and how many of them all - hard to say. Maybe someone from lovers of unpretentious, simple in its essence, but very hardcore arcade games will want to challenge Antix and try to overcome at least some of the stages?

Now, play Antix online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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