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A DOS game was developed by King Formation and then released by Ying Yang in 1994, the game was called Gaoxiao Moying. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Gaoxiao Moying description

Interesting turn-based strategy from Taiwanese developer Ying Yang. This company in the mid-1990s, distinguished by the fact that seasoned some of their games are a pleasant and light scent of "strawberries", not going beyond the bounds of decency, and sometimes even contained a deep instructive elements. This particular game does not bear within itself anything "such" and tells us about the epic battles between the students of secondary schools (High School) various counties in Taiwan. The plot, as always, original and "a bit" is reminiscent of anime...

In the summer of 1995 in the outskirts of Taipei night darkness pierced by the bright light from the meteor hit. Many people have seen it. Falling in forest area, a space alien caused the fire. The place of fall was established, and the meteorite was quite impressive. Scientists have long searched for something in the ashes around the celestial block, but nothing found. The time has passed. In 1996, suddenly across the country without any reason began a massive strike among students. Gradually it grew into riots: damage textbooks, property, beating up other students or teachers. It was like some kind of mass psychosis. But not all Schoolgirls in the country have lost their reason. In Kaohsiung among these were Lin Lee (林莉) – she was horrified by what is happening. This girl is from birth possessed superhuman abilities. For their dissent Lin Lee was not some slow bullying and very real threats to life and health from the classmates. In the end, Lin Li left school, gathered a group of still normal girls from other schools, and they started the liberation struggle...

The game is a strategy. The map of the island of Taiwan red flags, shows the school is "infected" with the virus of violence and disobedience. And the blue is still relatively prosperous educational institution. Judging by the fact that he was infected, the Northern half of the island, cause – and-effect relationship with the meteorite that fell in the district of Taipei, is gradually becoming obvious. You need to choose a town that is hostile school, to gain the separation of girls and a landing in the enemy camp. Moves and battles appear on the map of the territory of a particular school. Management extremely simple. In step mode you can set up simple commands: to go, to fight, to retreat, to change the method of attack. Sometimes in your town, also you can spawn hostile Schoolgirls and have to fight...

Role-playing elements here. All of them are displayed in the table list girls of your group. The letters will be familiar to anyone – LV, MP, HP and EXP. But in addition to these abbreviations, are characters: "name" schoolgirl (姓名) and its outstanding "combat" abilities in various academic disciplines (專長) to include PE, music, chess, fencing, and more. Strategic management is done from the main menu, which displays a large map of the island of Taiwan. Each global course of each of the warring schools can improve their units, to train, to explore, to gain "recruits" or to exclude the unworthy. In the "manage squad" (行政) you can do the following: check the squad (查詢) – watch the main parameters of your girls, to enroll in the group (招募), move on to a "normal" school (轉學) and, unfortunately, to exclude someone from the squad (開除) – it will be such. The second item of the main menu the main – this is war (軍事). Here you can select the following: to go on the offensive in another school (出征), training (訓練) – and without them the army does, to gather information about the enemy school (偵察) – but without intelligence about any attack can not be and speeches, and finally, the most pleasant (休息) – rest: of course, my free time girls spend on shopping. The third item of the main menu (情報) for information: you can view a mini-map of the island, their enemy of the school on it. The last main menu item (機能) contains commands: load (讀取), save (儲存) and most importantly (終了) – to transfer the global time of the next school.

Obviously, the whole reason for the riots here lies in alien force, the mighty representatives of which will have to fight closer to the end of the story. So the intrigue is saved throughout the game. In the final high mortally wounded alien named Di MA (狄瑪) in philosophical and elevated dialogue with Lin Li tells us the true cause of all these alarming events in the female schools of Taiwan. It, however, as always, will go almost about the global threats to mankind. So once again this game proves all the doubters: Taiwanese high school girls are not inferior to Japanese animeshka...

Yes, it strongly resembles another, much brighter Taiwanese gaming product about Schoolgirls – RPG called Sexy Fighter (1993, King Formation). Unfortunately, in High School Devil's Shadow the battle between the girls shown very indistinct, in contrast to erotic Sexy Fighter. The graphics on the maps of the school areas in the move mode and the battle looks not very good. More or less nice graphics is the images of the faces of Schoolgirls in messages and fun drawings of some of the situations (for example: a crowd of angry opponents at the gate of your school). And the girls in the game will be very much, every your cute painting, and its Chinese name. So if you play, you just really learn the whole list of Chinese surnames "Biznesin" and on all 146% of the best characters to distinguish a male name from a female.

Any gaming situation in the main menu: exercise, leisure, exploration and more - will display a nice anime picture with an explanatory caption. Screen resolution minimum – 320х200, but the music in the Intro and the gameplay is very pleasant to the ear – almost the same as in other games of Ying Yang.

Of course, the bedrock of sexism in video games is unacceptable, and stratezhki for girls also have equal right to exist alongside all sorts of 3D-shooter in which bereisa come to the next space marine is ravaging the ranks of another bloodthirsty mutants. In High School Devil's Shadow language problems will be localized for traditional Chinese language and with a lot of text messages. Though the situation is, in principle, will be clear to any experienced user who is familiar with turn based games, but we have to admit – the gameplay is really weak, and even step-by-step. As for the rest – a pretty original story idea, deserve to be presented on our website.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Gaoxiao Moying online for free here.


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