Dark Ages: Volume 1 – Prince of Destiny

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5 /5

Apogee Software, Ltd. released a DOS game named Dark Ages: Volume 1 - Prince of Destiny in the year 1991. If you are interested in playing this Platform online, then click here.

Dark Ages: Volume 1 – Prince of Destiny description

One of the hundreds of platformers – good, interesting, but not carrying in itself nothing new for the genre.

The action takes place in a fantasy world. After the sudden death of the king his only heir remains young Prince. It banished the evil wizard named Garth (who killed, by the way, the king), who now himself became the ruler of the Great Kingdom (as it is called in the game). But the Prince grew up, matured, became a great warrior, came back Home and now must kill Garth'and his servants monster, in order to regain the throne.

The gameplay here is pretty standard for a platformer (side view, go through screens, jumping, someone, kill something, collect), if not for one detail: in each level you get the quest from any NPC that is always in the presence of any object. Bring the NPC the item – receiving from him the key, this key opens the door to the next level. Play hard enough in the first place because the bonus health here is very rare. Only the hero has eight units of health, to recover one need to collect ten small coins. There are, of course, the thing that immediately restores all health, but it is an extreme rarity. To remain in the game whenever you want, but the game always loaded with the level of health that you had at the moment of saving.

Enemies – as the types and number - it's not much, but every opponent is strong and often requires a separate approach. Among rivals include giant spiders, for example, live trees, shooting lightning. Weapons are not particularly varied: no sword, but only the magical bonuses in the form of boomerangs of different colors and effects that you can find. Graphically it looks, probably average, but overall – not bad at all, the levels differ from each other design (another thing is that they are as such not so much).

Verdict – not hit and even, perhaps, the game is below average, but not a complete slag, as it is written in many places. Just an ordinary platformer for fans of the genre.

Enjoy playing Dark Ages: Volume 1 – Prince of Destiny online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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