4.7 /5

With many different features and various levels, Questron II released in 1988 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Role-Playing (RPG) game and online now.

Questron II description

Fantasy RPG with a view from above with one very serious drawback.

The disadvantage of this is that the numeral "II" in the title indicates the serial number part. The first part was. And the PC did not come out. So to understand what is happening very difficult. Managed to understand is that in a certain world consisting of two continents (Landor and the Land of Wizards) came to power six evil wizards who created the great Book of Evil. Then, a good wizard named Metron sends your hero to the past, to the moment the Book was created to prevent that sad event. But the details are unknown.

Gameplay is, unfortunately, rather primitive and mediocre RPG, which was set in those years. This is not a disadvantage, because the game is quite fun, but more a statement of fact. Before the wizards will have to go on and on (play long), begins your hero at all as a simple peasant – only a few coins virtually zero skills in all areas. So, to be able to withstand the wizards will have to learn a lot, earn a lot of money to perform different tasks, to kill a lot of monsters in General, to do all that is necessary to the hero. The action, incidentally, will occur not only on the nature of the two continents, but also in numerous locations, including castles, caves, and more.

Graphically, the game is a traditional "sweet" (for the eyes once it started working) the "old" RPG: I think everything should be clear. In my opinion – more than playable, fans of this kind of games are partly satisfied. Partly because without the normal background and it's difficult and sad. But it is not.

Relive your old memories by playing Questron II free and online on your browser now.


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