In 1983, a DOS game was released by Orion Software, Inc.. The game was called J-Bird and belongs to Action genre. Play it online by clicking here.

J-Bird description

Actually the first (along with Bert and Snake) version of the legendary game Q*Bert on the PC. The point of the game is that you need, running a fun bird to jump from the top blocks of the pyramid to its base, with repainting them in the desired color by jumping on them; the game has many levels and each level consists of rounds, there are four levels of difficulty.

Naturally, to achieve this goal is not so easy because our bird interfere with different enemies and dangers, such as snakes, frogs (very fast and annoying, but the bird can kill them if you suddenly jump on top of them; however, your jumps they repaint the blocks, which visited the bird back), cat (appear at the base of the pyramid and jump up on the blocks) and the red balls, which disappear soon; contact with enemies to birds lethal. With each level the game becomes more complicated: the enemy becomes more, there are additional rules (for example, the need to jump on each block twice to have it painted in your desired color).

Snake, incidentally, is the most insidious and dangerous enemy in the game (no matter how cute it may look), and for the protection of her bird must jump on floating in the air next to the pyramid platform-wings bringing her back to the top of the pyramid (in this case, if at the moment of the jump of a bird on the platform the snake will also be near the platform, the platform could easily knock it off the pyramid). Each pair of wings-level can be used only once.

About the graphics can only say one thing – even here and no backgrounds, but for 1983 it's just a wonderful picture. The game diamond arcade classic that never become obsolete, and is able to deliver with what incomparable pleasure after many years, at the same time very complex (take the chaotic movement of the enemies in the pyramid), however, and not releasing from themselves. These games are no longer made.

Play your favorite childhood game J-Bird online in your browser for free here.


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