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In the year 1992, Apogee Software, Ltd. developed a Side view perspective game by the name Math Rescue. You can now play it online here.

Math Rescue description

A children's platformer with a mathematical bent, Apogee published in October 1992. The game was awarded as "Best educational program" in 1993.

In our world there was a big trouble – had disappeared all the figures! They are no more nor on the buttons of the phone, no road signs, no checks. Looking out the window, the protagonist observes a huge big-eyed and handy nose-stealing numbers from street signs and hiding them in a garbage truck. In this case, it prevents become a butterfly, the worm benny, familiar players at the Word Rescue, he pours on the monster pink slime from the bucket, and he disappears. Hoping for further help benny and armed with the lid of a garbage can as a shield, our hero is sent to save numbers and the world.

When you start first we create a custom profile and the settings are many: choose the gender of the protagonist, the level of difficulty and the available arithmetic operations (in the first episode not available division and multiplication), skill level reading (if a young player letters yet obscure, the game will offer to solve only examples); the smallest can skip the mathematical problems and play in a regular arcade game, just collecting the figures (however, a caring parent can irreversibly disable it). After the initial setup, we will dedicate to the plot, and only after that opens the access to the main menu where these settings can be changed. Of course, if the profile is already created, the game remembers and will not delay.

Gameplay of Math Rescue is this: the level of scattered square pieces, numbered from 0 to 9 (here they are called "symptoms"). At the time of their capture, the player enters a new screen, in the upper half of which is written a task or a an example, just below is a series of numbers. The player's task – to give an answer by selecting the desired digit (two-digit numbers by a single digit). For a correct answer is given a part of the key to the door, behind which is the exit from the level, and refilled mucus benny, in the case of error, there is another enemy. If the player is not yet ready to give an answer, he can leave the screen by pressing Esc. Examples can be solved in any order, but if you follow the order, you can get a bonus to the final invoice. Also would help to increase different sweets and toys, scattered on the level, additional tasks (sets of examples may be few), those garbage trucks with the number on the Board (they are too few at the level, if the number on the truck is the answer to the example is written at the bottom of the screen in the center, it is safe to collect), the end of the level without damage and loss caps.

To interfere with the player will be strange creatures called Grizzly. To protect them from the hero or heroine has already mentioned the covers from the pots; their number is limited, and if you lose them all, it is one of Grasslot or truck with an incorrect number touch the player's level will have to start all over again. For neutralization of the enemy rests with the assistant, benny Butterfly, - at the call of the player it appears over the monster and pours a little of the same pink sludge, which freezes the foe. At a high level, the enemy after a time is released and continues to haunt our hero.

At the end of the level, we will first show the statistics and then give you the opportunity to earn bonus goo and cover, solving examples on time.

The developers took into account the shortcomings of the previous game, Word Rescue, and made a lot of improvements: tightened graphics and smoothed out the animation, added in the process additional tasks; the enemies got wise, they became more drawn they are now more amusing than threatening; levels now extensive, and thus lost still hard; the plot was slightly more elaborate, and in every episode you can read part of the story. The gameplay is still very friendly to the player, besides the solving process examples are easing. All the text here in English, so his knowledge can be useful for passing, but is not mandatory. But in music there are flaws in some batches of MIDI-instruments prescribed not to the beat.

Math Rescue is a simple and cute arcade game, but at the same time – a great math trainer for kids.

Tired of your same old routine, want to add some entertainment and fun element in hour life? Play one of the best videogame Math Rescue online now and change your boring oold routine for good.


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