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PC Plus developed a DOS game in the year 1989 called Hell Fire. In the video game ranking, this game ruled the charts for a very long time. You can now play it again online by clicking here.

Hell Fire description

Any knowledgeable once it started working knows about Space Invaders, one of the most recognizable faces of computer and video games. Also, it is known that many young or novice developers often love as his debut project choose any imitation of the well-known example - in other words, to create a clone. And many approach the process of “plagiarism” with some ingenuity. So, Hell Fire is a clone of Space Invaders with a fair amount of fiction concerning some aspects.

So, our main character is a vicar Dave. After the end of his earthly life, he, due to some unknown circumstances, ended up in hell, where he decided to escape. On his way to face the devils, demons and other infernal creatures that should be destroyed with the help of the staff, in the afterlife started to be a gunshot properties. And so on to the bitter end, until all the hordes of Hell fall in trying to block the hero's way to the light.

The gameplay is the same Space Invaders, but it did not bother, so as a total redesigned as a visual component, and the behavior of the opponents: we have not disciplined the slender ranks of the alien invaders, a motley evil, arranging on the screen the Orgy, which is not so easy to handle. And when we manage to defeat one wave, then inevitably the next begins, where the enemies even more and they are more insidious.

In General, Hell Fire leaves behind a very pleasant experience - the absurdity of the plot background and things happening on screen hell (literally) will not give so easy to break away from the monitor. Before us is a good example of a successful borrowing other people's ideas and successful addition to them own.

Want to play Hell Fire online now, play it on your browser here.


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