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Do you get nostalgic when you hear the name “Panda Dodgeball”? Don’t be sad, you can now play Panda Dodgeball, released by Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. in 1994 again online here.

Panda Dodgeball description

Panda Entertainment Technology is a famous Taiwanese game developer, focused primarily on children's audience. Skate this company is a series of gaming products sports. And it's not the next newest football simulator. It's just a very simplistic game, where the more humorous part than the sports. And so, in 1994, the developers of Panda released a product called Panda Dodgeball (Baoxiao Duobiqiu, 暴笑躲避球). Connoisseurs of varieties of Olympic events can then fall into a stupor, because the number of TV broadcasts of matches of sports games with such name approaching absolute zero. No, don't worry, it's not that there is something questionable, bordering almost with "litrbol". This game even has a Russian counterpart, called "Bouncers," although the author of these lines recalls that of the late wonderful and carefree time in the yards of the more popular were "Pionerbol"...

Rules of the sports game is extremely simple, although in different sources, they vary. Specifically in this game, competing teams of more than three people – or rather, six on six. In the center of your half of the field, there are three "its", and on its edges, for delimiting a line, three athletes of the enemy. Similar disposition – in the second half. Task – to catch the ball sent by the hands of another team member, and well-aimed blow "to knock out" opposing players from the field. In this computer game the moment played with as a mockery of the genre "fighting game". At the time of contact of the ball by the player at the top of the screen briefly shows the "bar" his state of health. A throw can only be performed from own half, otherwise the ball does not fly and remains on the opponent's field. If a player is still "blow", the sky rises funny white angel. If the thrown ball hits a player on your team, it is considered simply as a transmission of the throw and the ball remains with him.

Plot seed here is extremely brief. Walked-myself-anyone-not-touch brave "Five tigers" is a famous ancient Chinese generals. Against them likewise was the team of "journey to the West" in the lineup: Pig, Monkey King – sun Wukong, the Princess and someone else. Where something painful had the ball – and "rushed"...

All in the game, you can select six teams: "Tigers", "Real Men", "Saviors of the Fatherland" (救國糰), "journey to the West", "Cow Family" (captain Cow, maybe a Bull?) and last – team "Girls", probably to completely eliminate the suspicion of sexism among developers of computer games. Here, even in the names of commands, there is subtle humor! For example, the Chinese name of "Saviors of the Fatherland" (救國糰) the latter, of course, meant the character 團 (group, team), which is a complete homophone characters 糰 (donuts). Accordingly, players are shown a kind of fat and brutal man-klutz. In the center half of the field three players personified, and standing three players on the edges of the field of the opponent – is made the same. It's usually either soldiers or demons. Sport meetings there are also six. Each associated with a "home" field for each team.

From Panda Entertainment Technology has its old tradition, continued in the game. This demonstration covers first released games and the participation of Mr. Panda as an honored spectator or even player. After selecting the command you will be prompted to visit the store of sports shoes. Assistant saleswoman – the Panda. Selection of shoes – from Slippers to superbots on wheels! Yes, the game here is money (and you that thought, for pure interest?!). Management is very simple: according to the scheme of WASD, impact Tab, and the selection of ball – Shift. Game modes: 1 player vs. computer, 2 players against each other, 2 player against the computer.

Graphics typical of the time – 320х200, but with a good contrasting portrayal of the character sprites and backdrops. The music is cheerful and configures only the victory.

Chinese language there is no problem in the sport should be all clear without words! The closest analogue of this game, Panda Bowling (Baoxiao Baolingqiu, 爆笑保齡球). This is also a humorous game with a sports theme. In General, the prefix Baoxiao... either name means "violent spree", so that as soon as you can see in the title picture characters 爆笑– know: humorous and cheeky entertainment is guaranteed by the developer! Enjoy the game...

Enjoy playing Panda Dodgeball online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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