The Island of Dr. Brain

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4.6 /5

There are some video games which you will never forget. The Island of Dr. Brain is one of them. It was launched in 1992, by Sierra On-Line, Inc. but still loved by many. Play it online now.

The Island of Dr. Brain description

Continued obruchalnoe puzzlegame from Sierra.

Having the same position of assistant to the good doctor's Brain in the last series, we get our first combat mission in his new post is to go to the doctor lost in the depths of the ocean island, which is actually a Fig not an island, and return out a forgotten Dr. Mahabharata, he needed to - um - well, good for him.

Structurally, the game has the same structure - we solve puzzles, then one, then in groups, and move from room to room, like closer to the cherished goal (in this case, Mahabharat). The only thing - the game now keeps a record of what we puzzle at what level of complexity and chewed, and distributed medals. Mandatory only puzzle with a map that actually no, it's not the card, and copy protekshen - hacked esessno, so for him nothing but gold you will get.

The rest is all the same brutal magocratic as before, except a little shorter, a little funnier and a little smarter. Instead of abstract reinterpretations of the classic puzzles we have on hand a lot more educational things - for example, "divide the two lines all the bacteria on the screen." Easy? And if we control only by setting the coefficients in the equations of functions of the form c*y=k*x+b or d*y=a*x^2+b*x+c? It is the same. Likewise become smarter and word games (e.g., megaira "find all the words from the list in the jumble of letters" is now complicated by the banal way... the words are not English, and, on the player's choice, French, German or someone else there), and everything else.

Physical jigsaw puzzles is also at altitude, may require or chemistry textbook, or manualy to the game to figure out how the measuring cups data volumes using data doses of mercury, water and alcohol to obtain the necessary weight in congrese lift. The point is that the dose = one pouring Cup, not a volume. That is, one dose will be consumed at a quart and a pint so you'll have to think a lot and hard.

Summary. It's the same great workout the English language, knowledge of the curriculum and the brain for all children of school age - this time in the district in grades 7-10. Highly recommended for use.

Enjoy playing The Island of Dr. Brain online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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