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In the year 1993, Tesserae was launched by Inline Design, a top-notch Puzzle game with an amazing and engaging Tile Matching Puzzle gameplay. Click here to play it online.

Tesserae description

A very complicated puzzle with a set of rules, which is a giant text.

The General sense of the game in the following. There is a playing field, divided into cells. In each of these cells is a tile of a certain color (only three colors – blue, red and yellow) and a certain pattern on it (square, circle, cross and so on). Your task is to clear the field of these tiles. This can be done as follows: select any tile and we black circles shown in a field with another tile, you can move it. At the same time the field from which we took selected a tile is cleared, and the tiles on which it rests, or stays the same color, if the color of it and have taken us the same, or repainted (you can get orange, green and light purple from the mixing of the original three, and then grey).

Intermediate tiles on the way to the one we took (if that on which we place, not next to it), are destroyed or repainted (tiles of a certain color may or may not "eat" the tiles of a different color). Time limit no, but there is a limit to the number of movement tiles that we move (the smaller the better, of course), while any tile can't be moved twice in a row. To occupy the field when informed new movements of the tiles is allowed.

The game consists of many levels, each of them much larger and harder than the previous one (including adding further conditions). The graphics in the puzzle is not evaluated, but here it is for the genre is just gorgeous, I must admit. Verdict – another incredibly complex (especially on the first levels) challenging puzzle game designed only for the purposeful development and recommended primarily loyal and experienced fans of old samples of this genre.

Play your favorite childhood game Tesserae online in your browser for free here.


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