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A very interesting DOS game was released by Rick Ryan in the year 1990. The game was called Flowing Waters. You can now play it online.

Flowing Waters description

This puzzle game is a clone of the Main Break, where the author even apologized. It can be attributed to the group of games-"water", which created the company William Soleauи Soleau Software. Differences between which sample the Main Break is not too significant, but they are. First, the Flowing Waters looks different (by the way, it looks more like a Oil Cap that might exist in 1990). Second, the timer counting down the time until the water supply, is set to smaller values. Thirdly, the game is controlled exclusively with the keyboard. In addition, supporting documentation Rick Ryan says that made the game "with a large field size," but the playing field Flowing Waters has dimensions of 8 to 10, and at the Main Break it 8 to 12 so what we're talking about – is not clear.

Everything else remained the same. There is a playing field that is divided into cells. On the field is a source of water and obstacles through which it is impossible to lay a pipe. The left field contains information about the level number and timer. Under visible place (moving from left to right) of the five sections of the pipeline, to be installed on the playing field can only the right. Part of the tube can be placed on top of the already installed, replacing them with new fragments, but with a time delay. Points are awarded for the length traveled by the water route. Prize points can be obtained for crossing of the pipeline (this uses portions of the"d-pad"). For the pipe, in which water were not included, points are deducted from the total amount.

Completing the level ends as soon as the water will have nowhere to flow (if the pipeline is already built, you can accelerate the flow of water by pressing the Del key). Depending on the number of points the game can either end or start the next level.

The complexity of the gameplay does not differ from that in the Main Break, but the timer is exposed to a smaller value, of course, slightly raised the tempo of the game, but the increased effect of randomness at the initial stage of passing of level.

Relive your old memories by playing Flowing Waters free and online on your browser now.


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