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Play Dig Dug, a very interesting Action game, developed by Atarisoft in the year 1983 online on your browser right now.

Dig Dug description

And again before us a diamond imperishable classics of the arcade genre, ported to the slot machines and then released on almost all gaming platforms of its time. In fact, the game is a lot closer to the puzzle than arcade.

Specific no plot, but it is not necessary. Our hero – a certain man named Dug in the suit, similar to spacesuit, only the action takes place not in space or under water, and...under the ground. His task on each level is to dig your way through the earth. But this would be not so easy – because for him relentlessly follow anthropomorphic monsters that have names: Pooka and Fygar (this item is one of the best in the game!). Naturally, it was the names (Fygar's, for example, a fire - breathing), and their could be much more than two. Fygar'you look like toothy dragons, Pooka – like big-eyed balls on the legs. By themselves, the monsters can't dig moves (in the beginning of the game they are in small enclosed corridors), and only move on to those that dug Dug'ohms. The first level starts at the surface, with each subsequent character, and the monsters will be able to go out there.

If the monster touches the character, then the game is over. But if during some time the corridors of the monsters and the player do not intersect, then the last turn into ghosts (!), able to move through the earth and indestructible. The Ghost (looks like a flying eye and a toothless mouth) the monster is only temporary and it usually returns to normal when you fly through thick rock will be dug in the course, but the difficulty lies in the fact that it can thus easily be right in front of the player. Also remember that if Fygar is behind the hero, it could easily "fry" it with her fire (and all the monsters move faster than the protagonist of the player).

The hero has a weapon against them, but is very original (as the game itself) – a powerful pump, the jet of air which, being aimed at the monsters, inflates them, which they eventually can burst (i.e. killing the monster requires some time). However, if you send it to them, and then clean up, they even have inflated, then back to normal and will continue to pursue the hero. Another way of killing monsters is to drop rocks on them (look like some pink polygons), but this is only possible if you found the stone in the course, and the monster is under you.

Sometimes a particular location on the screen (usually in the center) appear bonuses in the form of fruit (!), you can dig down and get them to increase the points. Of course, there are several "lives". "Flowers" at the top right of the screen indicates the level number. Finally, the game has and the boss is a dragon, which appears immediately, is immune to the falling rocks, and runs away from you from level to level.

For its time the port came out very good, so this CGA graphics in 1983 must have caused a true delight. But to assess the "quality" of the pictures in this game is simply absurd, because no beauty here, the main and inexhaustible dynamism and fascination of the gameplay found in Dig Dug full. So can only once again repeat: this is a real classic, one of the first greatest games in history, play for once in my life – just a crime.

Play your favorite childhood game Dig Dug online in your browser for free here.


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