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Centerfold Squares, a top-notch Strategy/Tactics game was developed by Artworx Software Company, Inc. in the year 1988. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

Centerfold Squares description

Entertaining logic puzzle game in which you play with computer in a "desktop" game, similar to Reversi. For every winning game you have selected a rectangle (corresponding to a given round), which closed the picture of a naked girl. The goal is to win all those games mentioned to see the entire image.

The essence of the gameplay is to take turns to paint squares for its color, for which points are assigned. All such bands of horizontal, vertical and diagonals, caught between the already painted in your color, as it is becoming (i.e. you are their "capture"). In the party the winner is the one who at the end of the game (this is reflected in the inability to move) will be filled with more squares in fixed color. In practice, the rules are a little more complicated, there are some nuances, but the basic principle is.

The pictures that are "clean" - sort of like the girl with the turns of the Central pages ("centerfold") of adult magazines. In the PC version (DOS) supports 2 graphics adapter - CGA and EGA - scarce soundtrack from "RS-Skriper". But in the version for the Amiga computer graphics (OCS) and the music is much better, so if anyone wants to join this game, I would recommend to start the version for the Amiga. Also the game was released for the Atari ST, but nothing special about this incarnation will not say that somewhere between versions for PC and Amiga with a different title music (if you do it in this version can be called music).

The first time I saw this game in the late 1980s by the EU-1840 from the h/W monitor in CGA graphics, but I liked her immediately and lastingly fascinated, not so much pictures, how much the gameplay itself, but the image only gave excitement.

Highly recommended to fans of desktop logical games.

Want to play Centerfold Squares online now, play it on your browser here.


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