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In 1987 Mastertronic released Prowler. The game was an instant hit among all and played for years. Play it again online now.

Prowler description

Absolutely charming in the story for a Russian player vintage arcade letalka in space.

So very distant future, and... WE won!!! Parusinka Empire (she actually called), the successor of the USSR, took over almost all inhabited planets in the habitable part of space, and only the star Delta-5 (very favorite for some strange reason, authors of computer games), there are fights. Your hero – a pilot of the helicopter, amphibious (space helicopter, given the plot of the game, should not surprise anyone by its existence), fighting, of course, on the side of the Resistance forces called Fractalus. On the subject won't.

The essence of the game, as you might have guessed, battles with hostile pieces of equipment on the surface of asteroids. A few interesting points. First, among our opponents there are both ground and air combat vehicles, but our helicopter is not only a helicopter and even a tank, so we can take one of two available forms and battle or on the surface or in the air.

Secondly, the game in addition to the main mode (shooting enemies in first person), there are two: tactical map and directory. Tactical map – a very useful thing. Our war machine is equipped with radar, so we have the ability from afar to determine where the enemy is and how many of them. The readings on the radar and displayed on the tactical map. It is divided into sectors of the battlefield, clicking on any of them, you can get comprehensive data about who and how much is there. Convenient, but, in my opinion, simplifies the game. Reference – a thing less interesting, because look at it enough only in the beginning of the game. It says "relationship" between enemies, so to speak (the fact that certain enemy objects in the game can "produce" other), as well as the number of points that will give us the destruction of one enemy of any type. This helps to plan future actions, moreover, can be a sector where no one else is around, so there is no need to go there.

Also worth noting is the possibility of the influence of the player on the individual moments of the future mission (there is a possibility something to adjust), the presence of few training missions and assignments after a certain quantity of points of a "level of skill from the pilot." Trifle, but nice.

The game supports only EGA graphics adapter, however, it is recognized that this is one of the best games made in this palette. Of course, any frills do not have to wait, but the feeling of three-dimensionality of the game world why-that persistently does not leave the passage.

Verdict – a good futuristic letalka, of interest primarily to fans of the subgenre (note for those interested, story: alas, no it development is not observed, which is a pity).

Relive your old memories by playing Prowler free and online on your browser now.


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