The Dark Heart of Uukrul

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In the year 1990, The Dark Heart of Uukrul was launched by Digital Studios Limited, a top-notch Role-Playing (RPG) game with an amazing and engaging Puzzle elements gameplay. Click here to play it online.

The Dark Heart of Uukrul description

Main game screen The Dark Heart of Uukrul is made in the VGA palette of 256 colors and is a few information panels and a small window through which the player looks in the game world. Battles take place in the form of tactical battles like Betrayal at Krondor. Game control is carried out solely with the keyboard, all available at any one time teams are listed on the special panel. Sound in the game.

The game's plot is very simple: the player leads a party of four characters (warrior, paladin, mage and priest group membership is predefined) the kilometers of corridors, halls and caves dwarves considered Eriosthe, killing monsters, collecting artifacts, solving puzzles and trying to save the Kingdom from the tyranny of the evil Uukrul'and. That's just really the game is much more interesting than her story.

First, it is a puzzle. A lot of them, they are complex and totally logical. For each puzzle in the game you can find a solution, the clues are in different places – they just need to be able to find and link together.

Secondly, it's the atmosphere. It is difficult to imagine that 256 colors can create an atmosphere of tension, but it is true. The walls of the corridors begin to haunt the recesses, think that it is necessary to turn the corner as a group will attack a pack of hungry rats, and if behind a closed door you hear a hiss, immediately there is a desire to run to the nearest sanctuary and to make a fresh backup. It is worth noting that a large part of the atmosphere create text descriptions of what is happening on the screen review: for full immersion in the atmosphere one must know English, russifiers for the game there.

Thirdly, it is magic. Many are accustomed that the spells used at the touch of a button – forget it, here for a spell or prayer it must "read" to enter his name from keyboard. If the spell is read incorrectly, the chance to repeat it will not be because valuable time has already been spent. The priest even more difficult: it is important not just to correctly "read" the prayer, but to assess whether it is justified in this situation. After all, the gods are insecure and can't just not answer, if they consider that their intervention is not necessary, but also to punish the priest for the fact that they bothered.

Moving across the Kingdom organized friendly: throughout the dungeon are scattered sanctuaries (Sanctuaries), which are combined with an extensive system of teleporters. Automatic map helps to navigate, but the General plan of the city still have to keep in mind or on paper: a huge number of stairs, hatches and teleporters can easily confuse anyone.

Fans to pick all that is bad in the loser will not go: things and objects in the game a lot. Almost everything is in the store some money, almost everything you can buy, sell... or break. No matter how expensive the gun and how many thousand coins you paid for the shield deteriorates over time, and there is one awkward shot, and the thing is broken. The only hope in this case - Smith. That's just to repair work not all... for Example, a broken wooden stick can be safely discarded in the forge it can use except for firewood. But there's also a certain (and, incidentally, quite a lot) the rewards will easily must be forged anew the sword or will correct the damaged shield.

Don't forget about the needs of the group – your heroes are people too, and they also want to have. There is always, everywhere, in any condition and in any situation, especially on vacation when recovering from wounds. So it is useful to procure food, "chock-full", even if a long trip is not planned: who knows, perhaps the next teleporter will only work one way?

And finally, here, death is not the end. The body of the deceased companion you can manage to bring to the temple, while it is not completely decomposed, and try again to give the body life, but even if it did not work, there is always the Guild you can recruit another character of the same class as lost. Often replacement, of course, is unequal, because the typed character cannot buy experience...

And even if in fight with the unequal enemy killed the whole group, the body will detect a passing stranger and take them to the temple, and paid, besides, for the resurrection of one of the members of the group – the dreaded phrase "Game Over" in igrate Dark Heart of Uukrul no. How, in fact, there is no conventional save – the game automatically saves the progress of the group at certain points, for example, at the beginning of the tactical phase. The only way to "save" is the ability to make a copy (backup) the current state of the game in labombarde.

For a comfortable game in The Dark Heart of Uukrul necessarily needed: Notepad and pen (per player during the journey, throws out a lot of information in the form of texts and fragments of maps), game guide (can be downloaded from this website) which details and explains just opaque moments, and most importantly - contains the applications "The Book of Spells" (spell book) and "The Book of Prayers" (prayer book), without which the magician and the priest will be for the group is virtually dead and useless weight. These two books contain the names of the spells and prayers, as well as a description of their actions... That's just a form of description (especially in prayer) is very original, and the one who opens these books for the first time are in for a surprise - good knowledge of English a must!

Also in the original version of the game had required "Soul Amulets" – four (in number of members) of the table appearing at the entrance to the sanctuary of the characters, which is a kind of copy protection. For versions taken from the site table is not required – protection is removed.

Per game thanks SAS'have.

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