Pee & Gity Special

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Pee & Gity Special was launched by SKC Soft Land in the year 1994 which was loved by all old and young. It’s an interesting DOS game and can be played online by clicking here.

Pee & Gity Special description

Historically in the relationship of the Beat ‘em up genre and personal computers has developed a rather strange trend: despite all the interest from the players to his representatives, the vast majority of halfway decent projects avoided by the owners of system units and keyboards. And in a situation of unmet demand, as is known, the value of any game, the descended to personal computers, in absentia is increased significantly. Koreans from Family Production on time came to this conclusion and released a Pee & Gity Special is the first and last in the history of Beat ‘em up that gives you a unique opportunity, driving the nimble squirrel, thrash aggressive bipedal alligators directly on the circus arena!

Developers from South Korea immediately realized that to invent another bike there is no need, and therefore, without further ADO, went to the beaten track of the Japanese superstar series Double Dragon. Turned out, I must admit, wonder how classic!

Any connoisseur of the genre is simply obliged to put a nostalgic tear at the first acquaintance with a deep storyline behind the game, easily fit into a textbook “Bad guys do bad things – kill them!”. As the main proponents of justice are brave squirrel Pee and Gity brave serpent (through the game, you can use any of the characters), and the list of opponents is a whole conglomeration of the most ridiculous creatures of Korean mythology, brought to the desired condition of a rich Korean same imagination.

A predictable game is divided into levels, each of which is a series of sequential screens, ending exhausting battle with the leader of the local group animated bullies. In the player's Arsenal, in addition to the mighty scaly forehead and nimble hairy legs, is individual for each of the main characters special moves of varying degrees of power. Not forbidden also the use of different lying under their feet and drop out of enemies items: for pitch pans with non-stick coating in the unwary foe generously rewarded with extra points.

Despite the ostentatious cartoon and the lack of seriousness of the action, the game is quite difficult on the highest difficulty level can challenge any veteran of the genre. As well as preserve in Pee & Gity Special is not provided, the player will have to be extremely nimble and focus in order to reach the end and find out what this story ended.

Fun you can get approximately double that of involving the passage eager to restore justice friend – not only the genre but also the name of the game implies a game on one computer. A pleasant discovery for fans of whip cream directly into the minds of the snooty cakes (Yes, there are!) will undoubtedly become a friendly management, which in addition lends itself to a complete re-configuration of the tastes and preferences of players.

The look of the game will please the eye of even the most experienced connoisseur of beat ‘em up s: the game looks very bright and colourful, each level is designed in your graphic style, which makes a Pee & Gity Special is visually more contrast and more saturated.

Even without taking into account all discounts and concessions Pee & Gity Special is a confident punch, proving not only the viability of the beat ‘em up genre on personal computers, but also the competitiveness of Korean products in the gaming industry. In other words, if you do not mind a game where a snake in a striped sweater and a squirrel in a blue vest are fighting for justice against stone Golems, mummies, demonic birds, chefs and robots, then Pee & Gity Special is sure to become a real discovery for you in the genre.

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