In the year 1993, Saper was launched by L.K. Avalon, a top-notch Action game with an amazing and engaging Puzzle elements gameplay. Click here to play it online.

Saper description

The name of the item must not be misleading – it's not *that* good old "Minesweeper", which is known and love from a young age. This is something completely different. Another unique artifact of gaming history, this time Polish. Artifact even at home, because the edition of the game was less than 100 (one hundred) copies. About it almost no one had heard even in Poland itself (although the game is a full – fledged "commercial" thing and came in a big box for three different platforms), not to mention the rest of the world. But she was saved, - saved by miracle, but it happened. And now it is available to everyone.

This game has even the plot – some international terrorists have kidnapped a secret NATO documents that the CIA could not return, so the administration of the Alliance decides to blow up the headquarters of the terrorists from the inside, for what there is already (at the beginning of the game) has a lot of explosives (was it sent there before agents killed in the line of job). The player controls the super-sapper named Charles, whose task is to infiltrate a terrorist base and to ensure detonation of all bombs, as his predecessor do not have time.

In practice, it looks like action from the top view, in which our engineers have over 64 levels in terms of a rather rigid time limit (on any of the levels are given only two minutes, while the complexity in the transition to each successive rises) to blow up all the bombs without dying in the process himself, and to find the transition to the next level, along the way looking for safe transitions and within the level. The matter is complicated by the fact that the approaches to many transitions or bombs initially closed, so to achieve them will have to move the special tiles.

The graphics in this game is not some outstanding, but, first, in such arcades-puzzles it can not in principle be out of date or even be evaluated, secondly, the difficulty here is that some kind of "beauty" pictures in any case very quickly forget. Interesting point, by the way, is that you can play with the VGA palette, and it is possible – in black and white mode, where everything looks almost atmospheric. Verdict – a great "combat" puzzle missed something complex players and the next truly unique collectible.

PS: the Game is in Polish, but almost there.

Do you want to play Saper online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Saper online.


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