Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace

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Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace description

Do you love fantasy? A system of Dungeons&Dragons? And fly into space would not refuse? Then this amazing game is for You. One of a kind, Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace gives a glimpse into the magical worlds of Forgotten Realms, GreyHawk and Dragonlance from the depths of outer space. Why travel to other planes of existence, as suggested by us Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, if adventures await us just around the corner? And all it takes to immerse oneself in a whirlwind of new experiences, danger, treasure hunting and a Grand battle is to buy a ship, hire a team and hit the road!

Does the protagonist of the game, which is Your alter-ego. Once in space, You don't have any specific purpose, so are free to do whatever the hell you want. Right can rally to engage in piracy, trying to cash in on unsuspecting merchants. Someone will be more interesting to arrange a trade between multiple planets, while others will undertake to perform tasks issued by rich townspeople in taverns or governors in the halls of government. However, I will tell a little more about the ship and its crew. It is easy to understand, captain are You, and, in the best traditions of D&D, You are invited to create a character to taste before the game. You can choose from six races and the same number of classes, then you need to assign characteristics, and if you play as a character able to cast spells, prepare a few spells. You allocate a small ship with three guns on Board, a few people team, a small cargo and send it to free float in space. In addition to controlling the captain, You get the opportunity to get control and officers responsible for the viability of the ship. Each one can choose the gear, buy a few potions of treatment and to provide "consumables" (arrows, sling stones, magical scrolls). This issue should be approached carefully, because during the capture of the vessel by boarding or storming of the fortress You will be able to manage only the captain and the officers – simple sailors remain in the custody of the computer. All space travel happen inside a huge sphere, which, as scientists believe, was created by the gods to save the habitable planet from the disastrous effects of the magical thread called "phlogiston". Therefore, for the study there are several planets (including Toril, the world famous, which is the Forgotten realms), as well as space between them, hiding the pirate base, some lost relic of the asteroid belt... On the planets themselves, nothing particularly interesting happens – you can hire new team members, to buy equipment, goods, row on execution of the work. But space battles are the most exciting part of the game. Battles take place in two stages – first, using the ballista, catapults and cannons, You will have the maximum damage someone else's ship to get rid of as much of its defenders. Then, in the capture of the vessel on Board the ship, will begin a turn based battle on the deck with the top view. In case of victory You will be able to pick up a found goods, equipment and the ship itself, which, by the way, there are more than ten varieties, with different tonnage, maneuverability and maximum speed.

The developers paid careful attention to the little things that make the game even more interesting. So, for example, endlessly flying through space will not work – the air sphere, created with magic, gradually dries up, and to "refuel" will need to visit some of the planetary port. The main quests just so You no one will, therefore, first have sweat and blood to earn his captain's authority and levels of experience by executing various "courier" jobs. There are a number of races (such as lizard men or mind flayers), for which it is impossible to play, making the game more diverse, but space battles – unexpected. By all the canons of the second edition of D&D on some enemies not magic, but raging magician might inadvertently "to cover" ice storm of people from your own team, so you always have to calculate the actions on several moves ahead.

Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace – the project is unique in many ways. The game has bugs and flaws, but they did not detract from the pleasure of the gameplay – so fascinating the idea of space travel in fantasy worlds. Even if You're not a fan of Forgotten Realms, it will not spoil your impressions from the game. Just run it once and it will take a lot of effort to tear You away from the monitor.

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