Super Bubble Mania

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Super Bubble Mania, a top-notch Action game was developed by Spectrum Pacific Publishing in the year 1997. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

Super Bubble Mania description

Friends, we have one of the nicest clones arcade with a rich history! In 1983 somewhere in Japan under the watchful eye of Hudson Soft came to light the Cannon Ball, a year later ported to the spectrum called Bubble Buster. Like all brilliant things in the game world, this game had a very simple goal and no less than a simple principle of management: the main character had to run on the location, crush unixtodatetime over him and balls, collecting along the way various bonuses. You already know that Hudson Soft has created something special, which became the subject of adoration of many players and the prototype for future generations igrostroiteley. Yes, I get to character descriptions – Super Bubble Mania!

If the original game is composed well and combines all the elements of a successful "shot" (difficulty, speed, control – depending on genre, of course), the followers do not remain anything, except how to create a clone and describe it differently. In General, the developers of Super Bubble Mania that is well done: the characters are heterosexual, to the balls added other pieces (but with the same trajectory), and the game consists of three modes, though the difference is not very big. The first two have a time limit, but the second is more complicated in terms of architecture levels. The third is a platform for game – a test of self-endurance if you want.

The goal, of course, is still the same: using a zig-zag firing beam weapons to get rid of the balls, while trying to evade them, because of the collision threat. The variety of bonuses is also preserved to appear just like a item that gives points, and a great tool to improve weapons or retarding the movement of the balls. But the main feature, preserved and transmitted by inheritance from the ancestor, is the catastrophic complexity of the process while seemingly harmless. The success of almost pacenovsky!

So, one game is marked as "time killer" takes its place on the shelf of "b". On our website you can find two arcade (Pang and Bang), which is the sisters described of the game; let them have a different appearance (it is fair to note that Super Bubble Mania looks graphically worthy), but they have one thing in common – the charm and the spirit of the ancestors! Anyway, never forget that behind every game is hidden unique story.

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