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Play online, the famous The Castle, a Arcade game, published by Sami Tammilehto in the year 1991.

The Castle description

Great game that, along with the Scorched Earth, is considered the ancestor of the game series Worms!

The aim of the game is simple to indecency - it is necessary to crush the enemy castle using shots nuclei. However, simplicity is hidden a very exciting process that can sometimes take a very long time.

The Castle allows the player to set the game options to enhance each match: you can change the curvature of the landscape and height, which are strongholds relative to each other; you can change the degree of influence of the wind on the shots; you can even choose the magnitude of the force of gravity and the number of hits, after which the fortress is defeated.

After experimenting with the settings to very funny terms for the battle, the outcome of which may depend entirely on coincidence. So, putting a huge curvature, we get a fantastically high and narrow hills, located at a small distance from each other (and more like, sorry, fence), to fly over which the kernel can only at very high power shot. If the minimum value of gravity is also very interesting to observe the nucleus - the "vertical" was the direction of the shot and higher the power, the longer it will have to wait for the return of the nucleus to the ground (Hello, Martians!).

I especially want to mention the graphics - nothing special, but it creates a special atmosphere: this romance covers, when you look into the night sky and twinkling stars! Very nice from the shots scattered the landscape, and from the fortress after the defeat, actually it turns out a firework from bricks and earth (apparently, a very strong explosion destroys it - a huge crater remains).

The game has one big disadvantage - it dramatically speeds up the time, so be careful. As for the rest - the perfect piece for fans of the classic games.

Want to play The Castle online now, play it on your browser here.


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