The Lurking Horror

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4.7 /5

Infocom, Inc. released The Lurking Horror in year 1987. Play it online now.

The Lurking Horror description

Unusual narrative point of view completely text adventure: it takes place in a known to all fans of interactive fiction Zork world, but the basis for this history, partly was the work of the famous writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, one of the founders of the literature of horror.

To play for a student of magic College G. U. E. Tech, which, despite the bad weather and snow, reached the body of their school to complete laboratory work on the computer. Soon, however, the Blizzard intensified so that to come back, and even to look outside my door was impossible, moreover - a file with its operation were replaced with files of the Department of Alchemy. The student had to stay in a dark and spooky building of the College, first in order to try to recover their work, and after some time - to know that in the catacombs beneath the College, it turns out, is full of life...

Almost the only unusual moment in this game - the presence of sound, if only slightly. The rest is standard IF white text on a black screen; all actions are performed by typing specific commands. Texts, we must pay tribute, written an interesting and thorough, detailing your location and the situation. Please note that the game is difficult and with a lot of dangers on your way will meet many and puzzles that must be solved to advance further, and hostile creatures which you must avoid or outwit not to part with life. To accelerate the current in-game time you need to enter "Z" - and this team built the passage of some moments of the game; however, to guess about what exactly you want to enter, often immediately almost impossible.

In itself it is not very well known is almost the only text adventure from Infocom in the horror style and in fact, without its share of humor, and his relationship with the universe sharp enough conditional. However, if you treat it just as a text adventure - it must be recognized that it is done quite well and will appeal to fans of such entertainment.

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