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Interested in playing Thunderstrike published by LIVE Studios, Inc. in the year 1990? You can play this Behind view perspective game online by clicking on the link.

Thunderstrike description

A great arcade flying game where, first, almost no unnecessary plot, and secondly-it is interesting because we don't control a spaceship, and futuristic aircraft.

In the yard in the year 2238, the action takes place is not known where (perhaps on another planet or even several), the more we need to know. Our goal is to consistently pass the levels-"arena" (a fairly bright and nicely decorated). Before this you need to choose one of four aircrafts, each one different from the other three different characteristics, velocity, turning speed and acceleration (it is clear that the ideal no car).

At each level there are objects of pyramidal form (actually, they are called "pyramids") that we need to protect from enemy planes (and the planes, of course - to destroy). Also, each arena has a "centers of reproduction", of which there are not only new aircraft but also land robots. They, too, must be destroyed (otherwise the enemies will infinitely respawn).

After the destruction of any opponent of it falls any bonus – such as increasing attack power, speed, acceleration, giving a temporary increase in armor and double firepower, such bonuses should definitely take. You can also find a place into which will quickly fly around the arena perimeter, shooting a lot of enemies.

At the end of each level, statistics is applied (usually compares your injuries with the passage of time and the number of enemies killed), if the result is good, then given the opportunity anyway to improve your plane and go to the next (always more difficult) stage.

Graphically, the game many will look average, but only at first. The view here is from the first person (from the cockpit), a few colors are the same, however all the objects in the game – polygon, and the effects of explosions when destroying enemies is just amazing, especially for the year of withdrawal. The result – good and not very expansive (in terms of plot and game) arcade game, perfect for evening relaxation.

Now, play Thunderstrike online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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