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Remember the good old time of playing an awesome video game which made sad and long weekends happy and exciting? Tracker, released by Mindware Limited in 1987 is exactly that game. Replay here.

Tracker description

Very strange (and very old) the game is uncertain genre – something like a mix of strategy and combat racing, as though wildly it sounded.

The action takes place in the future, when violent television shows were the main entertainment for the people living in a totalitarian society. This time, the show is this: team players in strange flying vehicles, moving through mazes, compete in who will destroy the object called Centerpoint Sector.

Choose then do not give – always available, only one (Skimmers), the warring parties – Cycloids, Scouts and Defenders. The behavior and the initial location ("sector") on each particular level enemy groups are different. The level is considered completed when the desired object is destroyed.

Play is extremely difficult. First, because of the very complex interface: for example, the upper part is always (regardless of what is happening at the moment) reflects the "strategic" map of the current level, lower – or "tactical" map, or just a flight level and the battle with the first person (for the answer types of "scanners" near and long range). Second, because the game does not support keyboard – only the mouse, with its help you can control all processes in the game (don't forget that we not only fight, but also command), the buttons on the screen a lot, require a long training session to pass at least one level.

Graphically, the game looks bad. Discount on the age can be done, but still so poor palette, in which there is only white background, gray lines and a few colored objects, is not very happy, partly because of this play too hard. So that the recommended game may be, perhaps, only fans of "Surkhandarya", so to speak. The rest can go by, because, alas, we have to admit that an interesting idea was somewhat flawed implementation.

Play your all-time favorite Tracker free on your browser here.


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