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Battle Europe description

Would you like to know the secret of how to make a truly exciting game? The answer is simple. Only need to take a well-forgotten old, to put it "old" in a new dramatic form, and in the end get a good gaming product. That's me about the game Battle of Europe. Beautiful, extremely simple to operate and at the same time - highly addictive Taiwanese tank arcade from T-Time Technology Co. Actually is an improved version of a series of vintage computer games like Battle City the mid 80-ies from Namco, even the English name is similar. Yes, Yes, it is possible taking all the basic components of Battle City as the prototype, effectively adding only isometric 3D environment, Taiwanese developers has revived a very good game.

Gameplay. What exactly is the gameplay? Manage Tanchico (in this context it is convenient to use the term tank). Fighting across Europe (strictly sequential passage of No. 01-19 handy map), even including North Africa; the allies start in Morocco, and the Germans, of course, in the "Fatherland"(by the way, to be geographically precise, Morocco this is not "Europe") . Time and action theater: WWII (world war II). In accordance with the geographically accurately selected the "European" map of the country is changing the landscape on a square map. Palm trees in North Africa, oaks and spruce, with cosy cabins in France, the dense urban fabric of Berlin... Can play as the German army and the armies of the allies (i.e. Americans). In fact it's the same, just in the game for the Wehrmacht cards are passed in reverse order – from Berlin to Morocco. For all missions necessarily present music: Germans is, of course, the classic military marches, and the allies also played no less rousing military tunes.

Map. What is a map? It is square, it is destructible (trees, houses, walls) and indestructible objects (parapets). There are also natural and artificial areas that can stop a tank (water obstacles, ditches). Your headquarters is located in the centre at the bottom edge of the card.

Theme. Great variety of different select topics or subjects. Good fighting and carefully monitoring the current situation across the mini-map (top right), you can choose the themes (these are the yellow dots on the mini-map): a medal, a protective shell–invulnerability ("and I'm in the tank", but only for a while), my favorite subject – the time stop when all the tanks and their possible long shot in focus, and others. For example, with the selection of each of the medals (for the allies – French or something even Soviet) your tank powerful "pumped" and may eventually turn into a four times increased relative to the original size, awesome even yourself, steel monster. There are also select theme – bomb: immediately after the selection flashes the shadow of a heavy bomber, and all visible at this point on the map, enemy tanks are destroyed. You have the same option by pressing the Alt key to summon the same air support, but no more than 3 times on the map one mission. Initially lives (tanks) is 3, but you can pick up additional that sometimes appear on the map as prize bonuses. Also implemented the ability to pick up additional weapons, but you can hit a anti-tank mine, which I love to scatter (mining) or just to leave behind a damaged armored vehicles of the enemy. But the most unrealistic feature of the game is when you head shoot another tank on the same line, then their shells destroy enemy shots, and for some reason this process is done by the developers are not equiprobable!

Task. The task of each mission is simple – one is to destroy all the enemy tanks on the map. Tanks may be 60 or more. For the destroyed enemy vehicles and medals at the end of the mission given points. But don't get carried away, the authors made a powerful deterrent "chip" they should have their own headquarters in the form of a large bronze bird, which though fenced and durable, but over time, punching walls. Once through the wall near the birds, all the game is lost, and by the way, you too can break through your careless and clumsy conduct of "friendly" fire. You can still rarely find in the form of special themes armour for the walls of his headquarters. In General, not far away from its headquarters in the beginning of the mission.

Management. The four arrow keys and the spacebar to "shoot", that's all the control in the game. The choice of menu is done with arrow keys keypad. Call aviation support (no more than 3 times per mission) – key LAlt.

Chinese.Unfortunately, the game was little known, probably because of their Taiwanese origins. The title, written in hieroglyphs, just can scare away even the interested Amateur games. By the way, in good old Chinese tradition Taiwanese igroproma the name of the game Battle of Europe in English, of course, doesn't match the native hieroglyphic name 坦克大決戰, which literally translates as "Tank battle". But this is a rare example of an occasion when the Chinese language in the menu may not be any hindrance to the game for any user. From hieroglyphic inscriptions, the game uses only five for traditional Chinese, and guess about their meaning anyone can by pressing the corresponding menu button. The meaning of the other items on the menu and the game itself is understandable, because they are written in English. Here is the translation of "Chinese" menu items.
Top to bottom:
1. 隊管 – choice side (盟軍 – the army of the allies, 德軍 German army).
2. 選関密碼 – select a secret code (here you can choose the mission code from the table).
3. 離開 out.
All the other inscriptions in the game is made in English, and you can enumerate on the fingers, so ignorance of the Oriental languages (and English too) did not prevent the tank battle, as these games English terms so familiar to gamers since the 80-ies, what can I say about the translation into Russian is quite embarrassing. Most likely, the game will need just a "demitasse", that is, replacing in the schedule available 5-and hieroglyphic inscriptions in English and everything.

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