Beer: The Last Eichhof

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3.7 /5

Remember the good old time of playing an awesome video game which made sad and long weekends happy and exciting? Beer: The Last Eichhof, released by Alpha Helix Productions in 1993 is exactly that game. Replay here.

Beer: The Last Eichhof description

There was once a small brewery, who brewed a different beer. But then there were companies that began to brew only lager beer - because its production needs less resources. The brewery grew and grew until they became huge Beer Empire. And only you, the representative of the Eichhof, the last brewery making real beer, is able to defeat the Empire.

This is the plot parody the vertical scrolling shooter Beer: The Last Eichhof. In this game you have to fly on spacecraft in the form of a bottle of beer Eichhof. As opponents mainly are various beer items: mugs, bottles, crates and kegs of beer coasters and so on. But besides them there are also characters in video games and movies. Destroy them all we have with beer caps, coming out of the neck of the bottle. However, apart from basic weapons, there are also that can be bought in the bar after the end of each level these are different cans, bottles, glasses and even a gun from Xenon 2. All weapons differ in power and direction of the shot.

Despite the fact that the game is a parody and free, it just looks great, all the sprites are clearly and beautifully drawn. The sound is also not disappoint, and as the music uses fragments of compositions by Austrian band Edelweiss.

As a result, we quality (which is rare for free games of that time) scrolling shooter, which will be interesting to play not only fans of the genre, but the rest of the players.

Tired of your same old routine, want to add some entertainment and fun element in hour life? Play one of the best videogame Beer: The Last Eichhof online now and change your boring oold routine for good.


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