Dr. Ruth’s Computer Game of Good Sex

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Click here, to play the famous game Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex developed by Victory Games Inc. in the year 1986 and enjoy! Remember do not get nostalgic!

Dr. Ruth’s Computer Game of Good Sex description

Dr. Ruth — a character little known in the former Soviet Union, however, has an unprecedented popularity in America. In 1980, a little-known aunt gave a lecture on the fact that the air lacks educational programs on the topic of sex. Dr. (not of medicine) noticed one of the representatives of the new York radio stations, where she first spent 15 minutes a week in conversation about sex and relationships. The show was an exploding success, increased duration, is entrenched in the grid and after a few years moved to the national level. Dr. Ruth also called on TV where she had her own show. The combination of a distinctive voice and accent (she was born in a family of German Jews), sense of humor, the ability to correctly convey their thoughts and, of course, speak positively about the available and the forbidden fruit made her the main sex therapist of America. Then followed books, one of which I even looked at other programs and much more, but in the 1980s she was at the peak of popularity. So there was a game of Dr. Ruth's Game of Good Sex – quiz, where players had to answer to the allegations written on the cards, and moving their pieces on the playing field. A variation on the many quiz-podobnych experience only questions relevant to the theme profile.

Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex – is a computer version of the game, though more simple. In her honest company chooses the number of players assigns his call sign and then responds to questions while the timer ticks away. Usually there is a need to determine which of four given statements is true or a delusion. Some of them are obvious myths that stem from a belief that the best method of sex education is abstinence, and stupid things — like the fact that "semen contains toxic bacteria and its in no event it is impossible to swallow" or "elastic band wrapped around the head of the penis, is an effective method of contraception". Stupidity or just an attempt at humor, but there are people who sincerely believe in such facts of life.

Some of the questions and their wording baffled. The game is not that difficult, but because of the need to grasp the meaning of each option for a limited time, not forgetting that you need shifts to determine where the truth and fiction, can be a mistake. If you correctly answered most of the cards you will play and the bonus stage where you have to think about the questions that directed the Dr. Ruth. If you are not playing alone, at the end will also be a job and time to two of the most knowledgeable players.

At the end of a round calculated points for each participant with a precision of six decimal places. Why such excessive precision is unclear. And no field chips set the digital version is not included — apparently, it was believed that the opportunity to play the quiz on the screen of your expensive computer is a big advantage.

Although since the advent of the game has passed thirty years, it is impossible to say with certainty that today many will be able to all of these questions are easy to answer. All necessary information is available on the same wiki, except more personal, a relationship advice, but still even in adults, there are shocking gaps in their sexual education. So you can test your knowledge against the main sex educator of 1986. And maybe Dr. Ruth will wipe that knowing smirk off your face.

Now, play Dr. Ruth’s Computer Game of Good Sex online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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