Prophecy 1: The Viking Child

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5 /5

With many different features and various levels, Prophecy 1: The Viking Child released in 1991 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Action game and online now.

Prophecy 1: The Viking Child description

Cartoon side-scrolling platformer, a bit naive, but very cheerful and kind.

The evil Norse God of fire and trickery, Loki with an unknown purpose kidnapped the family of the little boy's Brain, which up to the present the Viking still to grow and grow. But he took up his father's sword, determined to free the family from the captivity of the vile celestial.

The most amazing thing in this game is that everything is important to pass stuff on sale. Each level is full of so called "shops" with very funny girls, saleswomen, where you can buy healing potions, protective amulets and other valuable items. The rest – the usual platformer with a view from the side: consistently we clean a variety of (sometimes very beautiful) levels are not too, alas, a variety of enemies to eventually defeat the eight mini-bosses – the disciples of Loki, and in the end – and himself.

Levels only sixteen, and very happy that none of them like another. Will and the forest and castle, and the desert, and most of all, will be a global map (!), where it is possible to track their motion.

Graphically, the game is, as mentioned, looks a bit naive, kind of childish (she must be and aimed at children), but no one said that "children's" graphics are always bad, right? For me so it is all drawn very nicely. Not to mention the unusually varied and beautiful music in the whole game you will hear as many as twenty-two ringtones! Yes, the game can be and "children", but made very efficiently. Therefore, in principle, it is possible to give a bold recommendation to all fans of old platformers.

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