The Nine Lives of Secret Agent Katt

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3.5 /5

Play online, the famous The Nine Lives of Secret Agent Katt, a Action game, published by SoftLab Laboratories in the year 1991.

The Nine Lives of Secret Agent Katt description

Extremely little-known adventure game with first-person on the engine The Last Half of Darkness with RPG elements and action and even (although the latter is very small). In it you control a team of four special agents (kat – the leader of the group, TIA, ROCO and Mad Dog), whose main task – to return the stolen documents from top-secret military lab.

Each of the agents (and you manage all four at the same time) has its own set of characteristics and abilities, and your inventory with special items. In principle, most of the puzzles of the game just boils down to the right moment to choose a particular character to commit a particular action. It is clear that individual items can be found in the course of the game; sometimes some items when combined can get a new one that just need. The game also features combat with various enemies encountered not very often, but quite complex; each of the characters has its own supply of "life," and if it becomes zero, then that team member dies (if the leader dies, cat - then the game immediately ends).

The main interface of the game is a standard "point n' click". The game screen is divided into several parts: on the left is a small window where a first person is shown the environment of the place where you are, a little to the right is a square with small squares indicating the number of exits from this room, the bottom – portraits of team members with their health and equipment (more below is a detailed text description of the room), and the right panel the available commands, which are moving in four directions, search for items, they are seeing, using and so on; there is also the possibility of communication with his superiors in the General staff for instructions on further action.

The graphics in the game because of its shareware origins, perhaps not the best, but much better than it could be: portraits of characters somewhat vague and arbitrary, but interior room, despite its small size, usually drawn very clearly (though, in a game totally dominated by dark-blue range that is sometimes a bit difficult to see what is happening). Overall – an interesting and exciting spy adventure is much above average.

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