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With many different features and various levels, Gnome Ranger released in 1987 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Adventure game and online now.

Gnome Ranger description

One of the first text adventures from Level 9 Computing (later presented us with Lancelot, Knight Orc and other great quests), ported to DOS. As you can guess, Gnome Ranger is dedicated to the adventures of a young dwarf (or rather, adorable dwarf ladies) living in a fantasy world, full of colorful places and magical creatures. The atmosphere is full of humor and fun tone the game sets at the stage of reading the manual: that is typical for Level 9, it includes a short but funny story, giving a description of the events immediately preceding the beginning of the game, and therefore strictly required reading. Gnome Ranger should be familiar to the developer of traditions: in the game there are various companions and helpers, who can give the team, the emphasis is on interaction with the characters, not the manipulation of objects (although there will be many), all events occur in real time, and the dialogue is presented at a minimal level – except that "Hello" will have to say a couple of times. Bracket difficulty, however, is quite high, and a newbie dwarf will have to wander around the area before you can figure out how to move the plot forward.

The heroine's name is Ingrid, and she comes from a nice family Bottomlow. From childhood our gromiha demonstrated in any case unquenchable enthusiasm, combined with the almost round the clock activity and diabolical ingenuity. Without thinking, her parents sent her to study in an institution that Ingrid managed to finish two times faster than the period. When he returned, a young fidget began struggling to restore order on the parent farm. In fact, when the beds are overgrown with weeds, foxes every week and steal scarce chickens, and the blades of the windmill worn out and not spinning, no self-respecting dwarf would not stay in place. However, relatives of Ingrid a very different view of the situation. Uncle dusty was quite happy with the slowness of old millstones, brother John clearly didn't want to fix his fishing line without a hook, preferring instead the fish to take a NAP in the sun, and the idea to lose weight immediately inspired and productive dad Noah Holy terror. Days dragged on for days, for weeks and weeks, and numerous relatives repeatedly hinted to me, that it is time for her to leave home and go in search of happiness in the distant and, preferably, a long journey. Ingenuous Ingrid, however, hints do not understand, and continued to do good in your sense of the word. And then the family unanimously decided to "go" Ingrid, which was done using a simple spell bought from a wandering merchant. Being in an unfamiliar place, Ingrid did not understand what happened to her, but was determined to find a way back. And on the road at the same time to help all those who suffer and do as many glorious deeds. Of course, under our direct supervision.

At the beginning of the game we find ourselves in totally unfamiliar surroundings, with no friends nor any useful things. But despair not make sense, since there are many creatures who will be glad to provide gnomine a variety of services – we just need to find them a friendly approach. Very soon Ingrid begins to acquire satellites, which are able to perform the same commands that she, and thus will prove useful during your adventures. Find the right solutions certainly takes a lot of time, but to wander around the locations available nice and interesting – all thanks to the excellent illustrations that help to better represent the words describe a situation. Journey filled with truly fabulous spirit – that there is only one banished from the forest by an evil witch, what will help us timid nymph, a proud eagle and a mischievous leprechaun. And ahead of you are meeting with a unicorn, shop centaur, academic conversations with an old alchemist with a Cup of tea, not to mention the many other mysteries and discoveries.

You can't call Gnome Ranger is a revelation in the genre, but their share of pleasure you will definitely get. Prepared for you kind and warm, but quite challenging adventure on fantasy themes, and the resulting experience will certainly justify the time spent. And what will be the astonishment of the family but upon her return home – even difficult to convey. But upon our heroine at home or lost somewhere on the way up is entirely up to you. After all, even the best graduates of the Institute dwarven sometimes need help.

Tired of your same old routine, want to add some entertainment and fun element in hour life? Play one of the best videogame Gnome Ranger online now and change your boring oold routine for good.


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